Friday, August 24, 2012


Okay, so blogging is not my priority these days, because well...I've got 3 boys 3 and under. But here's a snapshot of life right about now...

Nathan and Lawson start a little preschool in the mornings 2 days a week next week. Yeah for learning!

Weston has 1 tooth, is almost crawling (gets on hands and knees for a lunge but can't put it all together just yet), eating solids and is loving life

Currently all boys are napping

My broom and dustpan can't keep up with my boys crumbs

I wish I could drink Dr Pepper all the time

I again win mom of the year for waiting until my kids foot is busting out of his shoe to upgrade to a new size. How do feet grow so fast? Size 9 to size 11 in a blink!

Lawson is potty training. He is doing awesome! Still some work to do, but going in the right direction

We're approaching fall in the bluegrass state which is my favorite season

Aggie football next week

Phillip is teaching 2 classes this fall semester

That's a wrap!

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