Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Boys of Fall

New Fall photos from our neighbor/photographer are hot off the presses!



Finding a Pumpkin (or a ball :)

A Silly Pumpkin Decoration

Finally got a couple of these pics printed up for Phillip's new office! About time, since Nathan is almost 3 now...sheesh...delinquent on all things photographic. Maybe I'll get one of the new baby up there before he learns to drive!

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Three in a ROW! It's another BOY!

I'm a little behind on the blog announcement, but we are having a third boy and couldn't be happier!

Here's some photos of the little fellow:

Please excuse the photo skills. It's a webcam photo of the sonogram photo (not the highest quality you know)!

I had sonograms with the 2 other boys at almost the exact same times and this guy weighs 2 oz more than they did at this stage. 2 oz doesn't sound like much, but when you're only 11 oz total, that's a huge difference by proportion! So I hope he slows down a bit in there because I don't want a 9 lb-er!

We are getting closer to having a real name picked out, but for now we most commonly call him Tres or Trip. I've also considered Hat Trick ( 3 goals in a game of soccer/hockey) or Turkey (3 strikes in a row in bowling) but no one has locked in with those options.

Having boys has been so much FUN and we are really looking forward to getting another chap in the mix in February. So, bring on some more blue for another Bethancourt boy!