Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lawson is 1!

Our sweet Lawson turned 1 year old on June 13th. His sweet mom is just now posting about him. Que sera, sera. Here's some pics to remember his birthday and his party.

On his birthday testing out the tricycle and sportin' his Lil' Texan Shirt
Demolishing his cupcake. He basically ate it in 3 bites. YUM.
The party was a TX/western theme since we were celebrating it in the Lone Star State. We had hamburgers, queso, guacamole and homemade cupcakes for dessert. All the little guests had bandanas and there was even some stick horse riding around the ranch. It was so nice to celebrate with friends and family!

Things to remember about Lawson at 1:
Still mostly army crawls (figured out how to REALLY crawl in TX right after his birthday)
Eats anything placed before him
Is truly happy most all the time
Sucks 2 fingers for comfort
Has 4 teeth (up to 6 now!)
Drinks from a sippy cup
2 naps a day
Has a little hair growing in--blondish, brownish, reddish--who knows!
Has a really hearty laugh
Says: go, hello, row row (for row row row your boat), mama, dada, ball (now added hi, bye, bubba)

Height: 30.5 inches (75%)
Weight: 23 lbs 10.5 oz (50-75%)
Head Circumference: 18 3/4 in (75-90%)

What a joy this boy is!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

TX Summer Vacation

So we just got back from being in TX for 3 weeks. I didn't bring my camera so no pictures but I'll tell you what we did:

Airplane rides
Phillip went to SBC in Phoenix
Ate snowcones (which they don't have in Louisville!)
Visited Great-grandparents
Phillip wrote TONS of his dissertation
Ice cream
Nathan saw his first movie Cars 2 with Daddy Doc
Camp Chaos with Mammaw and Grandpa and all the cousins
Phillip got LASIK
I went to Hilton Head SC for a college girlfriends trip
Celebrated Lawson's 1st birthday
Ate at all our favorite places

What a fun trip!