Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lawson at 9 months

Since we are updating statistics around here, I'll give a little Lawson update. At his 9 month check-up a couple weeks ago:

Height: 30 in (90-95%)
Weight: 22 lbs 9.5 oz (75-90%)
Head Circumference: 18 1/4 in (75%)

He's still a big fellow and happy and healthy! He is quite proficient at his army crawl slither across the floor. No official crawling yet--could be due to his um, how do I say it...rather large tummy?! But he is mobile and can get most anywhere he wants by way of his tummy. I've seriously contemplated putting a Swiffer sweeper cloth on his tummy and having him clean my hardwood floors as he plays.

He is getting pretty good at standing holding on to the couch or other things. He likes to tap and bang with his hands while he is standing. Cheerios and puffs are his new favorite items to eat and he can now feed them to himself which is awesome. I often hear him babbling, talking, or singing sweet baby syllables to himself like: mamama, bababa, ooo, ahhh. He is often quite content to explore around and discover new things keeping himself entertained.

Here's a video of him blowing some serious raspberries:

We sometimes refer to Lawson as Law-dawg and Nathan as Nate-dawg, but lately Nathan has started calling Lawson Law-dawg/Law-Man a lot and it cracks me up. Nathan loves going to greet Lawson in the morning and they are starting to really become great friends. Looking forward to more brother memories.

Lawson has now officially outgrown his infant seat, so we're shopping for the next upgrade in car seats to accommodate our growing you Law-Man!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NRB at 2

Well I've done it again and forgotten to post Nathan stats from his 2 year check-up. So here they are plus a few other little funnies about the resident big man on campus...

Height: 34 3/4 in (50-75%)
**I think he really was taller than this, but it's hard to keep him still on the scale while he's looking up at the height measuring device, so anyway...)
Weight: 27.5 lbs (25=50%)
Head Circumference: 19 3/4 in (75-90%)

Once again tall, skinny, and a big's the usual for him.

This age is really fun to me! Nathan is getting great at saying short sentences to communicate what he wants which is really helpful. You can really see his personality shining through in all he does. He is vibrant, energetic, and particular. There is always a method to his madness even if you might not see it at first. He loves doing things right the first time (shocker I know) which can cause frustration, but also helps us teach him that most things don't go right the first time but you can always make every effort excellent.

Here's a video of him singing his ABC's

I think he looks more and more like Phillip every day (confirmed by Mammaw), but I do see an occasional look that reminds me of myself. He is a learning sponge and a parrot. Currently he can count to 10 in English and Spanish (almost to 20 in English), knows the days of the week, sings completely Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, Ring around the Rosie, recognizes all uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers to 20ish. One of his favorite phrases is: "Can you believe that?" Hilarious.

I am looking forward to warmer weather to get him outside and exploring some more. He is a wonderful boy with a joyous heart!