Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Ma! Look at These!

Check out the bottom gums. Front and center. 2 new teethies.

The littlest man now joins to world of the toothed. Congrats bro.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Tea

Oh sweet tea
At 83
How glorious it will be
To drink sweet tea
At 83
Rich will be
The memories
And reverie
And praise to the
King of Kings
Who so kindly
Would grant me
To drink sweet tea
At 83

Friday, February 04, 2011

Nathan Turns 2

Well this past week Mr. Nathan turned 2! Yes we officially have a two year old and he is so much fun!

We spent his birthday hanging out in the morning and singing lots of "Happy Birthday!" Nathan sings it as "Happy to you Happy to you" Then we went and picked up Miss D and Daddy Doc at the airport. Mr. Man was kinda hyped up before his nap and would have rather stayed up, but the mama won the battle. Let's face it: even boys on their birthdays need naps. That night we had dinner at 5 Guys, but brought in a Happy Meal for the birthday boy. Sneaky trick! He was super pumped about that happy meal! We came home and opened presents then called it a night.

The next evening we had a party for Nathan and had some friends over to celebrate. Miss D & Daddy Doc, the Dockerys, the Powells, and Robbie all came over for some birthday fun. On the menu was chicken enchiladas, queso, guacamole, rice and birthday cupcakes for dessert. (He's still young enough where I can pick the menu so I opted for something the adults would enjoy!) It was great fun to celebrate with wonderful friends! The biggest hit of the evening was the tent and tunnel we set up for the kids to play with, but ALL the boys got in on the fun too! A great evening!

Happy Birthday! Sporting his new cowboy boots! He might be going for his gun holster too...


Eating his Birthday Cupcake
Birthday Boy (Party outfit: Maroon "Aggie" shirt, camo pants, argyle socks. All chosen by him :)

Family Photo Post Party

Happy Grandparents & Happy Grandson
Playing with his new Block Table
Nathan at 2 years old loves: dancing, singing, cars, BALLS, Dunah (a throw the balls down the stairs game he made up), puzzles, books, running, trains, planes, helping, laughing, being tickled, and being chased.

We are so happy to have been given such a delightful son 2 years ago. We could not have thought up a better one ourselves, so thank you Lord! Nathan, we love you and are so proud of you! You bring us such joy!