Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Boys Halloween 2010

For Halloween this year, I decided the brothers should go as kind of a combo. You know separate costumes with a related theme. Thus, we came up with:

A Football Official

A Football

Nathan's outfit is an authentic jersey that was my dad's oldest one. He also had a real flag and whistle. We, as his authority figures, decided not to teach him how to operate the whistle. That would have been a little too much noise for a 21 month old to produce repeatedly in our opinion.

Lawson was happy lounging in his cozy football outfit. Mostly he chomped on his two fingers, which is his new favorite pastime.


The Football Lovin' Family
The boys got lots of compliments on their costumes. We enjoyed both our church's fall festival and a trick-or-treat in a park near our house. Lots of fun with these two little guys!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"First thing I remember knowin' was a lonesome whistle blowin'..."

Merle Haggard and Lawson have something in common.

Apparently, both grew up by a train track and therefore heard train horns which were their first memories.

About 30 trains travel by our house each day. And, on average, each train blows their horn about 20 times. Do the math. That's 600 separate train whistles every single day.We're the fourth house down from the track on our street. That's not very far from the intersection so that means the train whistles are ultra loud!

It wasn't always this way at our house. But, since June 24th the train horn has been blowing long and loud every day. This is due directly to the severe incompetence of our city government. Basically, they didn't complete upgrades to intersections in a timely manner and then when they could have asked for an extension to do the work they screwed that up and had our quiet zone abolished. With much paperwork and filing, they managed to reapply for our quiet zone and by an act of God got the Federal Railroad Commission to accept our application. The application was accepted on Friday October 8th. This should be and for the most part is good news.

The bad news was that the railroad company who conducts business here has 3 weeks to implement the quiet zone ruling. Yes that's right 3 weeks to tell their conductors to stop blowing their horns through our area. Clearly this doesn't seem like rocket science to me. Just don't blow your horn Mr. Conductor! It seems to me sometimes (especially in the dead of night) that the conductors are blowing their horns as loud and as long as possible out of sheer spite. It's not like the 5 intersections in question have no gates or are completely unsafe. And how many hooligans are out at 3 AM and need reminding that a train is coming? Honestly, it is ridiculous. I'm all for safety and I even realize that there are times when a car or person is crossing the tracks when the train is coming and therefore a whistle might be needed. But 20 whistles at 3 AM?!! I don't think so Bucko.

But, the deadline for implementation is fast approaching. It is October 29 to be exact. Oh what a day that will be! Finally, Lawson (and Nathan and Mom and Dad) will get to sleep without blaring horns rattling their walls. We're thinking of throwing a party.