Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on the Boys

So I am always getting behind on the blog because the boys are just doing something new all the time...here's a quick one to get you caught up:

1) Nathan started "school" this fall and is enrolled in a Mother's Day Out program one morning a week for 3 hrs. It is held at a church just down the street and he is really having a good time! The teachers mostly comment on his fun personality and his dancing (apparently he shows off his moves during music time!) I am pretty sure one of his teachers could have been the backup for Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Except she really is a woman! She is originally from Finland and is quite a jovial character. It is helpful for me to have one morning a week to get some things done around the house that I can't always do when Nathan is here.

2) Lawson is a little over 3 months old now. I took him to the Dr. to be weighed and measured at 3 months because I was curious how big he was and here were his stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz
Height: 25 3/4 in
Head Circumference: 16 3/4 in

Basically he's above 95% in every category! Seriously, we are raising a lineman around here. Just to give you an idea, he is wearing some 6 month and mostly 9 month clothes and he isn't even 4 months old yet! Sometimes his dad just refers to him as The Seventeen Pounder.

3) Lawson is rolling over! He rolls tummy to back and has been since about 12 weeks old. He has done the back to tummy a few times, but not consistently. But he's getting closer to getting it every day! He tries so hard to get his arms in the right place, but it doesn't always happen. This new found trick also disrupts his sleep sometimes. He just wants to practice his new skill in his bed rather than during playtime. Hopefully he'll get the other roll down soon and then it won't be so novel anymore and he can chill out and sleep instead of practicing so much!

4) Nathan is getting more teeth. His bottom two canines have poked through and I don't think the top ones are that far away either.

5) Today Nathan is 20 months old. Can't believe it! He's closing in on 2 years old already!

6) Lawson started laughing this past week. It's a funny little chuckle. Sometimes it sounds like a moan because it's deep in pitch, which makes it even funnier.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seminary Fall Festival 2010

Our latest family picture:

I LOVE the seminary fall festival! It has certainly grown into quite an event since we first attended in Fall 2006. And, for that matter, our family has doubled in size since 2006! The boys loved being outside in the pleasant weather and seeing all the sights. Nathan's favorite was the bluegrass band. He practically crawled up on stage with them to check it out! Lawson's favorite was being held by our friend Robbie and then enjoying a nice evening cat nap (which is what he's doing in this photo).

This year they had parachuters fly in to open the evening, several different food tents, a ferris wheel, mechanical bull, carousel, military vehicles, live musical entertainment, and a frontier land. After we had dinner, they passed out frozen chocolate covered bananas to everyone and Nathan thought that was a great dessert. It was so good to spend the evening with all our friends and see the children having so much fun. What a great way to kick off the fall semester!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

When Winter Comes to Town

I thought it would be a good idea to check out the boys winter clothes options to make sure things were on track for the cold weather up here. Nathan was in the market for a snow suit and I found one at a consignment sale for only 15$! Jacket, pants, mittens and boot covers with a train embroidered on the front--luuuvv it! I had picked Lawson up a coat back at the end of season sale last winter and it looks like it will fit the man just fine. (Whew...I was a little worried our chunky monkey might have outgrown it!) Here's the boys:

Lawson sporting his brown dog coatA hint of a smile...Nathan is excited to have a real train on his jacket!The whole snow ensemble
It won't be long before these two will be romping in the snow! (Probably more like Nathan pushing Lawson over in the snow :) These guys will be ready for any cold headed our way, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I think I will enjoy a nice crisp fall first before Old Man Winter makes his way into Kentucky.