Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lawson at 2 Months

Lawson had his 2 month check-up on Friday. It's hard to believe he's already been with us for 2 months!

Height: 24 in (75-90%)
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz (95+ %)
Head Circumference: 16 1/4 (75%)
Well, we discovered in fact what we already had theorized:

Lawson is well proportioned--and he's proportioned large! Maybe even an extra-large...

We looked back at Nathan's statistics and Lawson is bigger at 2 months than Nathan was at 4 months!!! Can you believe that? I know that the boys are two entirely different people in all kinds of ways, but that stat blew my mind. Truly remarkable.

But, the plus on Lawson's awesome growth is that I'm getting to reuse more of Nathan's clothes than I expected. They should be off in the different seasons of their clothing, but because Lawson is pleasantly plump he is using some of Nathan's 3-6 month clothes right now. At. 2. Months. Wow. Also, Nathan is not even 10 lbs heavier than Lawson now, so it's clear that the little brother is quickly and stealthily bulking up to attack the older brother...perhaps more quickly than Nathan realizes...Lawson is just biding his time until he can pounce and make his move. Watch out Nate!

Overall, Lawson is healthy and happy. He is so easygoing. He has started smiling and cooing in the past couple of weeks. He was especially smiley when Daddy Doc was in town! He really enjoyed chatting with him. He's getting oh so close to sleeping through the night, so I'm hoping it won't be too much longer before he conquers that skill. He's pretty consistently going from his 10:30 pm feeding to the 5 (or very near) o'clock hr in the morning and then starting his day between 7 and 8. So, just a couple more hours sleep and he'll make it!

We are loving our Lawson boy!

Monday, August 09, 2010

NRB at 18 months

Our big boy is now 18 months old! He is really fun these days and entertains us regularly with his antics!

At his 18 month checkup:
Height: 32 1/2 in (50%)
Weight: 23 lbs 4.5 oz (10-25%)
Hear Circumference: 19 in (50-75%)

He's got a 50+ word vocabulary (not always recognizable to others quite yet :) but he sure loves to chat! Most often heard around our house are: uh-oh, ball, baby, Laaaaaaaw (Lawson) with a true Texas drawl, go, gone, bye, beep-beep, wa-wa (water). Nathan has always been a music lover but recently he's started requesting songs from Dad. His favorite? "All My Exes Live in Texas" by George Strait. A little man after my own heart. He is also quite fond of hymns played by piano that Phillip has on his computer. Not only is he a music lover, but he's a dancer extraordinaire. His best moves include: the spin, the stomp-stomp-stomp, gettin' low, the above the head clap, and the peg leg--where he keeps one leg straight and rocks back and forth. We'll have to try to capture some video footage.

He moved up to a new Sunday School class at church this week and he came home with arts and crafts! I love that he's getting old enough to bring home artwork treasures for his mom and dad. However, I hope he doesn't take after his father in the art department. Phillip almost failed Kindergarten due to insufficient arts and crafts. I think he's recovered from the trauma though.

Here's the man playing on the deck: