Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Pictures of Lawson

The paparazzi has been on Lawson's trail all week and have captured him doing all sorts of fun things:

Big brother Nathan is holding Lawson for the first time. Just after the picture was taken, Nathan tried a WWE wrestling move on him

Nathan is showing some brotherly love after the wrestling match by giving Laswon a kiss on the cheek

Lawson is all dressed up and ready to leave the hospital in his going home outfit

The first photo of our new family of four

Lawson is enjoying his first bath (unlike his brother who screamed the entire way through his!)

We are really enjoying having this little man around!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pictures of Lawson

Here are some pictures of Lawson. Enjoy the photos!

He is our wide-eyed boy...observing everything around him through those big eyes.

Tipping the scales at a meaty 8 lbs. 7 oz.

Look at all that hair! He's sporting a mohawk on his first day.

Momma and baby are happy that Lawson is finally here.

Nathan sized up his little brother for the first time and heartily approves. He's wearing his "Big Brother" t-shirt in honor of their first meeting.

Lawson is snuggled in. Check out those Thunder Thighs!

The new family of four. We love our latest addition to the Bethancourt clan!

Lawson James Bethancourt Is Here!

A guest post from Phillip

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our second son:

Lawson James Bethancourt

Born: 6/13/10 at 11:33 PM

Weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 inches long

We are so thankful to God for the blessing of children and look forward to raising our son to be a man who loves and trusts Christ.

There will be plenty of pictures and updates on Phillip's twitter account at We will also update the blog with more details as well as pictures and video.

We would love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to send an email, respond on twitter or leave a comment on the blog. We may not be able to get back to you right away, but we would love to hear from you.

As a request, we would ask that you pause and pray for Lawson right now - that he would come to know and love Christ, that he would be healthy and that we would raise him in a way that honors God. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Photo from Lawson's Due Date

Here we are after a walk at Seneca Park to try and motivate Lawson to be born:

Our neighbor Tony (who use to be a pro photographer) snapped the photo! We are waiting with smiles for you Lawson!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happy Due Date Lawson!

Well son, you have made it to your due date and congratulations are in order!

40 weeks is a long time to be anywhere, so you obviously have some fortitude. You have joined your older brother Nathan in the "we are boys who make it to our due date" club. And he decided (well was medically coaxed) to join us just 4 days later, so now we ask when will you make your debut? And how big will you be? And what will you look like?

Mom and Dad are headed out on a date tonight to celebrate while Miss D keeps Nathan. Surely we will have food and fellowship in honor of you--that is if you don't decide to join the world first! We love you son and look forward to meeting you so soon!

Mom and Dad and Nathan

Anybody out there have a guess on Lawson's weight and length and time of birth? Feel free to guess away in the comments section!

Monday, June 07, 2010

License Plates

I have noticed a funny thing with license plates I see here in the Bluegrass State.

They seem to regularly contain the initials of family members. Weird. Yes, I have noticed a trend. I have mentioned before that I love monograms and initial combinations so perhaps my brain is attuned especially to these things, but I still find it quite entertaining.

The most prolific by far are male members of Phillip's family. With Phillip's dad, brothers, and our nephew John Thomas being the most frequently spotted. It is really uncanny!

Most often I am sitting at a stoplight and notice the car in front of me contains familiar initials. Voila! It's like a little game I play now to see if I can spot more because I've seen so many. So, when I see your initials on a KY license plate know that I'm thinking of and praying for you! Who doesn't appreciate a little well wishing even if it comes from an unlikely place?

In other license plate news, I was headed to my Dr. appointment last week and noticed a minivan parked in the "Labor & Delivery Physicians Only" spot. Do you know what their license plate said? "OK PUSH" Ha! An Ob/Gyn with a sense of humor for all the world to see. I actually chuckled out loud. Then I thought, do their kids have to explain what that license plate means to their friends? That could be dangerous...