Friday, April 23, 2010

Bethancourts are Allergic

Spring has certainly sprung in the past month in Kentucky. It was told to me that because we went from being pretty cold to pretty warm faster than normal this year, the trees went into "survival mode" and basically overproduced pollen for the season. I tried one afternoon to speak with the trees about this and tell them to "chill out they weren't going to die" and they didn't have much response. So, it has been a haze of pollen in the bluegrass for several weeks.

This spells trouble if you're a Bethancourt.

All three of us (maybe Lawson too :) have been suffering from seasonal allergies. Nose junk, throat itching, drainage cough, sinus pressure the whole nine yards. Poor Nathan hasn't yet learned the art of blowing his nose so he just has to be stuffed up until his nose runneth over. Thankfully, we haven't experienced any sinus infections or ear infections due to the allergies. I'm hopeful with the rain we are supposed to be getting this weekend that it will knock some of the haze from the sky and get things back down to a manageable level around here.

After the month of April, I have renewed my hope that perhaps AstroTurf or FieldTurf lawns will come in style soon. Just think about it: a one time cost to put the stuff in, maybe some minimal maintenance costs over the years, NO MOWING, NO WEEDS, always green and precisely the right length. Plus you could paint logos on your lawn with the field paint they use for sports!! Mark out a baseball field or boast a fat ATM for all the world to see! Then you could just plant the things you want to plant trees, bushes, flowers and whatnot and just deal with those. Doesn't that sound great?!!

If your a turf dealer out there looking to get in to the residential market give me a ring! I just might be your first customer--for a knockout first customer rate that is--Bethancourts might be allergic but they are also excellent deal finders. So, don't think you can pull one over on me...