Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wanted: Dead Critter

So, this week we had a mysterious varmint visitor. One morning one of our trash cans had been tipped over and one of the bags busted with some trash removed. Next morning, another trash can over and the same scenario. I was pretty ticked and wishing I owned a gun so I could stake this critter out. And if not that, I was ready to fly my heat-packing father and father-in-law out here for a real covert Operation Eradication. Not only are they both true Texas men, they have experience in offing pesky animals stealthily--woodpeckers, deer, snakes, pheasants, all types of wild game.

There was also a thought in my mind that the invader could be this ultra-annoying neighborhood cat, Murphy. And if it was him, I wouldn't mind one bit if the same fate awaited him that could be awaiting another varmint...not one bit would I mind. He's always hanging around on our deck and he once ran into our house while I was unloading groceries. I almost lost it! Grrrr Murphy! I have also once (a while back mind you) spotted a possum behind our garage. So, I know there is possibility of crazy critters lurking around these parts.

But, after we cleaned up the trash the second night, no more invasions. Not a trace of midnight morsel thievery. The only other clue we have is that we saw our strange neighbor two doors down go out to his wood pile, lift the tarp, and then start yelling vehemently for something to "git on out of here." But, it could've just been Murphy...or it could have been The Varmint! Who knows? It was the same day said neighbor was shop-vacuuming his lawn. Yes, meticulously vacuuming his lawn, so I don't know if our source is truly reliable here.

I'll keep you posted if there's any more shenanigans...but for now it's still an unsolved mystery...cue creepy music...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is Nathan sporting a 1980's classic warm-up with a hint of Aggie Maroon:

Posed and ready for an adventurous day
Action shot of a boy on the move
Super Smile!
Now, this sweatsuit used to belong to me when I was a wee tot. Nathan seemed to really enjoy wearing it! He just needed a sweatband and some 80's hair band music and he could have been jazzercising! Do you ever look at kid's clothes and think 'man was I really that small once'? I do! Hard to believe this guy is as big as he is already and I can't believe he'll grow up one day into 'man size' (whatever that 'man size' may be I'm hoping for 6' 4") But I'll take what I can get...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Walking Man

We've got a walking man on our hands!

Over the past week Nathan has really taken off as a toddler. He can walk about 10-12 steps unassisted, so basically across the room from Mom to Dad. Previously, he had been going about 4 or 5 steps between us and then lunging into our waiting arms. Then, he just decided he could take off a little farther. He still is not completely striking out on his own, but getting a bit bolder every day. He kinda has the Frankenstein walk going with the arms up and stiff legs! And if he throws a few grunts in there he really sounds like him! :)

I will have to post some video of him in action...