Saturday, December 05, 2009

Super Powers

I think I might be becoming a super hero.

It seems to me that since I have become a mom, my senses have gotten keener.

Most notably, I think I now might meet the minimum standards of being classified as ambidextrous. My left hand has really proven itself worthy in this past year. I dare say that I can do almost as many things with my left hand as my right. I haven't tried too much writing yet, but I might be up to the challenge. Maybe I'll write all my Christmas cards left-handed? Or maybe I might make a few extra bucks doing left-handed art?

Also, my hearing is exceptionally acute these days. I can tell what toy Nathan has, in what area of the house, within a few inches. Rarely, ever does he surprise me with what he is doing--that is unless he is being silent--that's when things get interesting... However, I think it's pretty remarkable that I can tell the difference between a paper crinkling appropriately and someone pulling inappropriate papers out of the trashcan, the noise a Daddy book vs. a Nathan book makes, and lastly the subtle scratching sound of little hands on a phone jack. So, don't try to sneak up on me these days, I'll know you're coming and half to pull out my mad ninja skills on you. You have been warned.

Finally, I can fly across rooms in a single bound. Grabbing dangerous items, preventing falls, or scooping up a crying child with ease and accuracy. I'm thinking about seeing how fast I can run 40 yards, there's a good chance I could give some D1 running backs or Usain Bolt a run for their money...

Supermoms out there agree right?