Thursday, October 15, 2009

Really, REALLY?!?

I don't know if y'all have watched SNL recently, but on the Weekend Update segment a lot of the time they do a piece called Really?! It is where the two hosts say several astonishing/funny things and then say REALLY?! at the end. So, it seems there have been several notable things happening around our family lately and I think I have enough material for my own Really segment. Here goes...

When traveling back from Houston by airplane, the guy at the security checkpoint made me take off Nathan's baby shoes and send them through the x-ray machine. As if those paper thin suede soles about 4 inches long could hide something dangerous. REALLY?!

The city is doing construction near the end of our street. It literally sounds like one machine is eternally backing up because there is a beep-beep-beep I hear all day long without ceasing. Interspersed in between the beeps are jack hammers and ultra loud clanging where they are breaking up the asphalt. Makes it hard for any peace and quiet. REALLY?!

My beloved Target that is 2 blocks from the house opened 4 days ago. And, today I scored the best diaper deal I have ever come across: 116 diapers for $14.98. That's about 13 cents per diaper and regularly they are about 29 cents per diaper. I bought the only 2 packages of Size 3 they had and it was worth it. Other moms check out Target ASAP. Awesome. REALLY?!

It is a fact that at our house we get mail for every single blood related Bethancourt in Phillip's family. That's right. We get mail for John, Debbie, Justin, Kyle, and Christina all at our house and most ALL of it is junk. I believe it is a product of being the last ones to live at the Lincoln house in College Station and therefore we just end up as the final forwarding place for junk mail to die. No offense John, but the AARP wants your business badly! (According to the amount of mail they send you...) REALLY?!

Nathan is officially crawling. REALLY?!

I think our house would be a good candidate for an HGTV show. We could redo the basement or the master suite or the landscaping/garage seriously. Except, I want them to pay for it all. If you know how to make that happen that would be a great Christmas gift for us. REALLY?!