Thursday, July 30, 2009

6 Month Boy

Nathan had his 6 month check-up yesterday and here are his stats:

Height: 26 3/4 in (50-75%)
Weight: 15 lbs 15.5 oz (25%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 in (50-75%)

Phillip said that if he would have just held the liquid in his bladder a bit longer he would have crossed the 16 lb mark! Half an ounce away from sweet sixteen...For those who are curious, 6 months is truly 26 weeks. Sometimes the weeks don't equate exactly to the months of age for babies, but at this mid-way mark they equal out.

He is doing lots of things: rolling both ways ALL the time, creeping forward and backward, loves to stand, can sit unassisted for a few moments. So it won't be too long before he can really start moving somewhere!

At 24 weeks we ventured into the world of solid foods. Starting with, you guessed it, rice cereal. He was good at eating from the get-go and is only refining his skills with each passing day. He has now added to his repertoire bananas and pears. Bananas were not too successful the first time, but have come on strong during the repeat offering. I am going to start with the veggies soon. Although, I must admit the prospects don't look good for the boy. Being that his genetic lineage does not have strong veggie lovers, but hey I will still give it the 'ol college try. Sweet potatoes are probably on deck with green peas or green beans in the hole...oh boy.

We have also introduced Nathan to drinking water from a glass and from a sippy cup. He is on board so far and seems to think it is pretty fun. With all of this extra eating and drinking, the dish washing sure does increase around here! But tiny dishes are cute to clean I must say.

Nathan is now half way to a year...what will the next 6 months hold?

Friday, July 17, 2009

That's a Racket

Nathan looks like he's taking after his Dad's fondness for racquetball early...

Thanks Mr. Sagers for letting me wear your RecSpecs! They allow me to see better so I can whip your Oregonian tail all the way down the Oregon Trail! Watch out, I've got a killer backhand...

Monday, July 13, 2009

A List Blitz

Because it would take too long to get caught up with individual blogs about everything we've been doing since the last post, I have opted for a list version instead:

-Nathan was 5 months old on June 28th. I know he weighs right around 15 lbs (a little over now) and he should be gaining about a pound a month from here on out. It seems like he has really grown in the past two weeks. He is turning into a little boy right before our eyes

-Phillip officiated the wedding of his old college roomie Isaac Currey in Grand Prairie, TX on June 27th. Isaac is now married to Becky--yes a real live Isaac and Rebecca--and they will be heading to Thailand soon to teach at an international school for the next 2 years.

-We headed to Abilene for 10 days to visit my family. I learned how to make homemade yeast rolls from my Mama Sug--scrumpdeliumpshus! Phillip got to preach at South Side Baptist Church. We had steak twice and it was awesome both times! Nathan practiced his Pee-pye skills (peek-a-boo to some).

-Next we ventured down to College Station, TX to visit Phillip's family. We saw everyone except Justin and Chad, sad to miss them, but glad we got to see so many. The Indonesia Bethancourts are in the states for the summer so we caught up with them. Mam-maw and Grandpa had all 7 of their grandkids in one place at one time, which is quite an accomplishment. It will only be 7 for a little while longer because Sadie Grace is on the way soon!

-Now, we're back home for awhile. Catching up and scheming up some projects. Perhaps painting the kitchen cabinets...

The blog is back from vacation! Hooray!