Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pics Galore

It has been a busy week! The SBC was in Louisville this year and so Phillip has been conventionizing every day and we got to participate in some of the action too. Nathan enjoyed meeting lots of friends at the convention--especially Chris and Peggy Osborne (or Pops and Honey as he was told to call them) for a breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. We are so thankful for the faithful ministry of Chris during our time in College Station and now to continue our friendship with them is a blessing.

Here's some good Nathan shots.

Good Morning Mom! He generally takes a little while to get going in the morning after his breakfast, so he sometimes likes to relax in his chair to wake-up.

Playing on his tummy is a favorite pasttime

Boy Meets Chevron Car. I sure am proud of my Grandpa who works hard at Chevron! Note: Nathan is also wearing one of my old A&M outfits-ha!

Phillip's First Father's Day
An exciting new toy for me to play with now that I enjoying standing so much!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Bugs

Sorry it's been so long...

We've been busy with summertime fun including a trip to Texas. While on the trip, Nathan got to play with his cousins John Thomas and Anna. John kept coming up to him and saying "Naaaytun!" and smiling with a friendly smile. He even would ask about him when he wasn't in the room--so sweet! It won't be too long before these fellows can really get some serious playing in! Anna is not mobile yet, but she sure gave Nathan a good talking to when they were on the floor together. I think they enjoyed having someone who could speak their language, you know Aye-ya-ya-hoo-hoo-squeal language with a Texas drawl of course!

We also enjoyed visits from Mammaw, Granny, Papaw, Miss D, and Daddy Doc. Nathan is quite the charmer and he showed them his infectious giggle and lovable smile! We stayed at Christina and Chad's and got to see little Sadie Grace's room all fixed up. Just a few more weeks until she debuts! Christina looks great and she will complete the 2009 Bethancourt Grandbaby Trio with Sadie's arrival. It will be fun to have so many cousins to play with!

Nathan got to take his first swim while we were there. He was a natural! Just hung out in the water relaxing and enjoying the dip. Seems like swimming may be one of our regular activities now that I know he likes it so much:

First Dip
Family Swim
Trying out his boogie board
Cruisin' in the bug mobile