Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Month Photo Shoot

Here's the compilation from our 3 month photo shoot...

He's handsome most definitely. Hope you enjoy a sample from his portfolio. It's hard workin' for the camera...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Arm Wrestling, Boot Scootin', and The Smiley Man

Nathan is getting much stronger these days and he has decided he's into arm wrestling. He is wiggling, punching, flailing his arms constantly. He is loving learning to bat at objects, grab onto things (mostly my hair-ouch!), and move and groove. But his sleeping habits are being a little disrupted by his favorite new appendages. He can't seem to decide if he wants his arms swaddled down, swaddled up, unswaddled, or one in and one out. It truly is a love/hate relationship for him right now.

These arms that he loves he can't quite control yet, so sometimes they surprise him when he is settling in for sleep or during sleep. This makes a difficult quest for the parents. We would happily do whatever he prefers for his sleeping habits if we could only decide what that was! It seems it can change throughout the day. I'm sure it won't be too long before he decides what he likes, we're just going through a transition.

He has also become quite the scooter--especially in his crib. I heard him rustling about 5 am this morning and found him scooted all the way to the top of his crib with his head in the corner! I moved him back down and he settled in for some more sleep. Crazy scooter! He is also just a busy boy in general. When he's awake, he's moving and talking just as fast as he can. This may be foreshadowing of what's to come when this little guy can actually crawl or walk doubt he'll keep me on my toes!

Also, we've been singing him a new song called "Smiley Man" sung to the tune of the Spider Man theme song. It was adopted because our son loves to smile and he always does when we sing this song, so it's a good combo. "Smiley Man, Smiley Man, does whatever a smiler can..." and so on and so forth based on whatever we feel like singing at the time. It's "good times" as Phillip would say.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a joyful Easter! Not only was it the first one we got to celebrate with our son, but we got to share it with so many wonderful friends. Including, but certainly not limited to, my old college roomie Carrie and her husband Bryan who came to visit from California. With them they brought the news that Carrie is expecting a baby on November 10! We were thrilled! This means that all of the ladies I lived with in college will be having babies in 2009 AND we all took international trips almost immediately after finding out we were pregnant. Crazy and awesome. I love when things happen in exciting ways! So I had Nathan on January 28th, then Julie had Abigail on February 25th, then Christina will have a baby girl around August 13th, and Carrie will have her little one around November 10th!

Here's Nathan's Outfit: Button down shirt, khakis, and little saddle shoes
The hearty smile: elusive on film but prominent in real life
Family Photo
Hope you too got to celebrate the Risen Savior on Easter Sunday...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fotos de Tejas

There is an urgent need for more pictures of Mr. Man. Without further adieu...

Nathan at 2 months (forgot to post this one when it actually happened)

Nathan meets Mama Sug (Cami's Dad's Mom)

Workin' out. He discovered how to shake a rattle thanks to Miss D :)

Dad & Son in Abilene

Nathan meets Gurney (Cami's Mom's Mom)

Daddy Doc holds Nathan for his first introduction to a horse out at Lawhonhill (Cami's grandparents place) This little colt though Nathan was quite fun!

On a rock with Daddy Doc

Let it be known that our son's first steps ever were on West Texas dirt and here's the proof! Nathan you can thank us later for this honor.

Grandpa with Nathan. It won't be too long before these two will be hittin' the golf course...

Mammaw with the three youngest grandkids. (L to R Nathan, Anna, John Thomas) Her lap is always ready for some good sittin'!

We had such a fun trip to Texas getting to see everyone! We hope to come back soon...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fixing the Coffee Table

So we ordered pizza last night and ate it off our coffee table in our basement while watching The Masters. All of this was an enjoyable and relaxing finish to a great Easter Sunday. However, when we removed the pizza boxes we noticed they had created white heat marks on our coffee table. Bummer.

Today, I did a mean internet search on how to fix them and came up with a solution folks said worked. The ingredients: a steam iron and white t-shirt. Put the t-shirt over the white marks and apply medium heat from a steam iron and voila! no more white marks. It sounds crazy I know. Applying heat to a table that was messed up by heat doesn't make sense, but I'm telling you it works. Now, I will just touch it up with a little Pledge and she will be good as new.

I love a good home tip...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On Texas Time

Well, we landed in Texas on Sunday night for Nathan's first trip to the homeland. When the Lone Star beckons, you must heed its call and it had been calling him for his first two months of life. So, now he is official. We're taking after the Powells (who did this for Gunner) and making sure Nathan's first steps ever are on Texas soil. Pictures to come.

We did have some adventures traveling with the little man and it all started before we left Louisville. I had been carrying him in the front carrier all through the airport and he was happy as a clam. When we were getting close to boarding time, I decided I should change his diaper because I knew that things would be cramped in the airplane bathroom. Upon pulling him out of the carrier, we discovered a 4-alarm blowout! It was the biggest and worst to date: poop was on Nathan, his outfit, and the carrier. Gross. So, we went into recovery mode. I swooped him up armed with a new outfit and headed to the bathroom to get him clean.

While I was in there, some nincompoop opened an armed door and this deafening alarm started going off throughout the airport. I wasn't sure if there was a fire or tornado or what, but it was announced that it was just a regular old nincompoop move. However, the alarm was screaming at full tilt and Nathan followed suit. I rushed out of the restroom and then we were able to board the plane almost immediately--thank goodness. Dirty baby plus super loud alarm don't mix well for the already a bit stressed mom. When we got on the plane, I shed a few tears but was able to recover quickly.

He did great on the flights! From Louisville to Dallas he was awake and happy and he slept the entire time from Dallas to Abilene. However, once we landed in Abilene (Nathan was still sleeping and we were hoping to keep it that way) there was a little girl in the seats behind us who knocked the armrest and it cracked Nathan on the head waking him up screaming in pain. I looked at the girl and her mother hoping for an apology and they just looked back at me bewildered. It was a look of I know what my daughter just did, but I'm not going to say anything to her or to y'all. Unbelievable. I wasn't looking for much, but just an acknowledgement that your child just hurt my child and she's sorry would have been appropriate. Thankfully, I was able to hold my tongue.

So, now we're here in Abilene and enjoying it. Nathan has met great-grandparents and is looking forward to heading to Wylie High School (where my mom works) tomorrow. He has many Bulldog fans who want to meet him. Then we will be going to College Station/Houston for more visiting.

What a fun trip!