Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Preliminary Glimpse

Can you decipher from these photos of Phillip and I as babies what our son will look like?

I'm on the top row and Phillip is on the bottom row. I think we were rather cute...therefore we will have a ridiculously cute son based on both the addition and multiplication principles. Starting with cute only makes more cute no matter how you figure it...

Please note the brown carpet that was present both in the Bethancourt and Lawhon households--the exact same carpet. A sign of the times no doubt. Apparently our moms had good taste in carpet as well as good skills at raising babies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crafty Creations

So, I've been working on a few crafty projects around the house this week. The inspiration just struck me and you've got to move with the inspiration. It's so hard to force yourself to be creative when you've got nothing to offer. Everything flows much more freely when you have that "aha! that's exactly what I've been wanting to do and I didn't even know it until right now!" moment.

Project #1 Guest Bathroom "B" Art
Our little guest bathroom has been an evolving decorative project ever since we moved in. It has black and white floors and black and white tile halfway up the wall. This works well since I had some black, white, and silver decor from our previous master bath. I have painted the walls a subtle yellow and painted the previous oak vanity area white. So everything looks much more like it goes together now. Not perfect, but a definite improvement. I call the theme Classy Black & White London and "B". I have tried to incorporate lots of London things in a black and white pattern and also "B" because I LOVE monograms. So here's the art project:
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some simple black frames for cheap! Then I printed off some "B" letters that I liked and put them in the frames. Hung them in a decorative pattern and ta-da! instant art.

Project #2 Fall & Winter Wreath
I've been wanting a wreath for a while now, but the ready made things are so darn expensive. So I decided I could do it myself with what I liked. Here it is:
I bought a simple grapevine wreath and berries at Garden Ridge for cheap! Laid out the berry sprays on the wreath and hot glued them down. And proudly adorned my front door with my product.

The good news is that both of these projects together cost under $20 bucks! That was the best part. I was able to complete 2 projects that I love and enjoyed making on a budget. So go do something cheap and crafty! It's so much fun!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Taco Bueno

December 9th will be a great day for us. A new day will dawn in Louisville KY. Because...

Taco Bueno is coming to town!!!

Well, it has been here since the summer across the river in Indiana. But, it is still a drive to get over there. Now, the new store will be located only 10 minutes from our house. This is so great.

It will become officially the best Mexican food in town. Hands down. No questions asked. I don't care what anyone else says. Got it?


A significant accomplishment for Abilene, TX to expand to a national chain of restaurants...wait to go Abilene.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Latest Photos of Nathan Ross

Here's the 3 photos from my ultrasound last week. They are appearing small, but I can't figure out how to fix them--believe me I've tried. If you click on it though you should be able to make them bigger.

You are able to see his right hand in the upper two pictures. You can't, however, see all the hair that we saw on the screen in the office! It was amazing. The technician kept going on and on about all of his hair and how much of it there was. I guess this means he will be taking after his father in that department because goodness knows I wasn't born with any flowing locks! But we still do have to wonder what color it will be: brown, blonde, or dare I say red??

All of his measurements looked good and he weighed a nice hearty 2 lbs 9 oz. His growth is right on schedule for my due date on Jan 24th, but he will make his appearance at the proper time I'm sure. As of the ultrasound, he is situated like the number 7 : head down, butt on my left side, feet on my right side. And boy are those feet tappin'! I've been telling folks that he has been practicing his stutter step in the womb because he likes to give these tap-tap-TAPPITY-TAPPITY-TAPPITY-tap moves all the time. Especially each night about 10 pm. I think that's his finale performance for the day and he just keeps waiting for the crowd to go wild...which I'm sure they will in only a couple of months...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Refs, Rallys, and Festivals

This past Tuesday Phillip had a chance to try out his referee skills. He and Ben Dockery were the referees for the Boyce Bulldogs vs. Faculty basketball game. The Bulldogs head coach, Coach Coppenger, is a great friend of ours so Phillip was happy to help out with the event. The game was quite entertaining and the Bulldogs pulled out the victory in the end. By the end of the game, I think Phillip and Ben had really perfected their signals and whistling skills. There was an injury to report: Dr. Coppenger (the coach's dad) took a rough fall on a defensive play and broke his arm. He was a good sport about it, but will have to have surgery to fix the broken bone. So, get well soon Dr. C.

Then, on Wednesday night we headed over to Indiana with some friends to see Governor Sarah Palin at a political rally. We all wore our red in support of making the Kentuckiana area "red" on election day. And Julie, Melanie, and I sported our glasses in support of Palin--so chic! I think the best part was that Hank Williams Jr. appeared with Palin and came out first to warm-up the crowd for her speech. It was kind of a musical snippets version of most of his hits and also included were some Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings covers. Brilliant. Seeing Bocephus live was certainly a treat and Gov. Palin was also impressive.

We also headed to our church's Fall festival last night where the highlight was the Krispy Kreme donut dipping station. They had at least 650 donuts!! You picked your donut and then could dip it in a huge vat of chocolate and cover it in sprinkles. I just opted for the plain donut, but Phillip had his with all the fixins. I was already brainstorming what Nathan can appear as next year...