Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a Pepper

Meet my new BFF.

I have always been known to love Dr Pepper (especially Dublin Dr Pepper). But, since the pregnancy I have been monitoring my caffeine intake for the sake of Nathan. His little body probably doesn't need excessive jolts of caffeine--which is a stimulant--and the diuretic properties add extra burden to the kidneys. But I'm not a caffeine nazi waving my flag of "Decaffeinate: A change you can believe in." Just trying to be a good patient and make wise choices.

You'll probably hear a different mantra from each OB/GYN, but mine says limit your caffeine intake to 8 oz or less a day. However, this is a problem when Dr Pepper comes in 12 oz cans. I am forced to leave some left in the can or down the whole thing. Based on the fact that I am a balanced and rational person, I choose to down the whole thing, but then not drink any caffeine the next day. Ha. I have also resorted to sip stealing (not a felony in all 50 states) from Phillip's Dr Pepper just to get a taste, but not too much.

Enter my new BFF. Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper.

I can drink these things guilt free! Granted it is not the same as the real deal, but you can't notice the decaffeinated qualities. Plus you are saving on calories because it's diet and who couldn't go for saving a few calories? So, now I can get a little taste of my old friend in a new friend's body.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Suit Loot

"Today was one of the most significant days of my life in American consumerism."
Phillip Bethancourt 10/19/08

Why was yesterday so important to Phillip you might ask? Because we struck the deal of all deals on clearance suits at Dillards!! We will give a hat tip to Jed Coppenger for alerting us of the sale. The Dillards at our mall was deemed the clearance center for all merchandise from surrounding Dillards in our area and thus had everyone's clearance items in their store.

We headed to the suit department after church to see if the rumors of cheap 100% wool suits were a reality. The prices had already been marked down several times, but you could take an additional 50% off of the lowest marked down price. There were 3 possibilities in size 42 regular and we got them all!! In one day, Phillip's suit collection went from 2 to 5. He now can officially wear a different suit for each workday if he so chooses.

Here's the price breakdown:

Blue pinstripe suit
Originally $495.00
Marked Down to $168.30
We paid $84.15

Grayish brown suit
Originally $695.00
Marked Down to $236.30
We paid $118.15

Gray pinstripe suit
Originally $395.00
Marked Down to $134.30
We paid $67.15

Original price total=$1585.00
We paid total=$269.45

I mean what a deal!! Phillip also picked up 3 dress shirts for $7.99 a piece (which were originally between $50 and $60) and they will be nice additions to his collection. So, I was thinking of getting Phillip a new suit for Christmas, but I could have probably only purchased one at a reasonable price. Now, he got 3 for the price of 1!! Indeed, it was a great day for American consumerism.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relish Tray Season

Ah yes it is approaching the time of year for Relish Tray Season. Only on special occasions do the creations and concoctions of the Relish Tray emerge. There are no doubt many varieties and no "right" way to do a Relish Tray (unless that is you ask your grandmother) but the variety is what has made the Relish Tray a holiday staple. Of course it wouldn't be complete except in a perfectly subdivided glass dish with a design on it.

Well, here in the Bethancourt home The Relish Tray has made an early appearance on the scene. Throughout my pregnancy if I've had any cravings at all for particular foods the main ones have been avocados and olives. I have reserved the avocados only for severe desperation because they are small and expensive here compared to ones in Texas or California. My frugality trumps my avocadality. Therefore, the olives have become a staple in the refrigerator because they are more numerous in quantity and it's easy to eat just a couple of them.

So the past two days for an afternoon snack I have been delighting in my own Relish Tray. But the array has expanded past just olives to include some other traditional players on the Relish Tray. My tray includes: 8-10 green olives, one small dill pickle, 3 small slices off a block of mild cheddar cheese. Oh boy has it been tasty!! The olives and pickle provide a nice sodium fix and the cheese is good for some calcium and protein.

So it's safe to say I'm looking forward to the coming holiday season not only for the good time it always is, but also for more Relish Tray action!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall Breakin'

Has everyone noticed the new countdown ticker on the blog? Of course how could you miss it when it is right above the newest post, but still I thought it needed to be pointed out. Can y'all believe it's only 107 days until Nathan's due date!?! Now, I know the days could be longer or shorter depending on when he decides to make his appearance but it's still fun to count down. Plus you get a little info on his in-womb development.

We are currently down in Texas for Phillip's fall break. We spent last weekend with the college students of Central Baptist Church Bryan,TX for Phillip to speak at their fall retreat and we were lucky to have Jeff Johnson Band leading worship for the weekend. It was a blast! Better yet it was at a retreat center that I went to for a church camp back when I was in high school so it brought back so many memories...

Now, we're in Houston hanging out with family and then this coming weekend we're back up to College Station for a little Aggie football and a baby shower! I can't wait!