Saturday, September 27, 2008

23 Weeks

The sign says 23 weeks


A closeup shot

A t-shirt that we found at GAP outlet with Nathan's nickname "Scout" on it!

Well, here is some photo footage of Nathan's humble abode. Some of y'all have been requesting a tummy shot, so here it is in all its glory at 23 weeks along. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And we're back in the game!

As of 3:30 EST The Bethancourts have received power! It was a long 7 days without electricity, but we did survive. We have determined that this will be a great story for Nathan to hear about how when his dear mother carried him in the womb we were without power for an entire week...therefore he should (eat his veggies, clean his room, or insert some other task here.) Kinda of like walking to school uphill both ways in the snow except this incident really did happen to us!!

We are so thankful to the Coppengers, Dockerys, Moores, and Walkers who fed us, or housed us, or held our refrigeratables when we had no place to put them--we could not have made it without dear friends. So thank you.

Tonight, we'll be hosting an all-night Electrathon where all things electric will be on all night. Small appliances, lights, music, AC, computers--if it plugs in it will be on (okay not totally true.) However, we will be doing the electric slide to some good nineties country if anyone wants to join in. Just look for the neon sign.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost 60...

60 hours without power that is. We are still surviving because some gracious friends of ours have shared their power with us. Luckily, there is a cool front that came behind the storm so the weather has been nice. Hopefully, soon the electricity will be restored and all will be well.

Our family members down in Houston are still without power too, so we can sympathize with them. Basically, Ike has stuck down a large percentage of our clan, but we're resilient and we're thinking about going Amish. Bring on the horses and wagons after all of this experience without power.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's in a Name?

Our son has a name.

After brainstorming, consulting, weighing, and speaking we've come to a decision. And it's quite a sobering decision for us parents. You are not just picking out a name for your imaginary friend, pet goldfish, or beloved car, you are naming a person. A person who for the rest of their days will be called by his name--the name that you gave him.

That's important because names carry weight. Names are called and remembered. Names are written in the Book of Life. And we hope most importantly for our son that he would be found in Christ and his name would be known to him who saves.

So, we will call him Nathan Ross Bethancourt.

Nathan because of his role as a prophet in the time of King David. He was the one to deliver the words of God that made a covenant with David that: "Your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever." 2 Samuel 7:16 And from the line of David, came the everlasting and everreigning king--King Jesus himself.

Ross because it's the middle name of his father. His father is a righteous man, faithful and true, who loves his wife and his son. What better way to honor a father than to give his name to his firstborn son?

What's in a name? Now you know about the who and why of Nathan Ross. We really love it altogether. It even passed the angry parent test of yelling: "Nathan Ross Bethancourt get in here right now!" We are thankful that our son has a name. And for the fact that it was known before the foundation of the world. Just like the name of Jesus. The name above all names.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2 New Enjoyable Items

I am really loving my Swiffer Sweeper these days! With our whole first floor being either wood or vinyl this little gem is a cleaner's best friend. It traps all the micro-dust in it's cloth and you're able to scoot the big stuff to one central location and pick it all up at once. Plus, it actually makes the floor feel clean when you use it! Sometimes brooms just move the dust into another location, but the Swiffer gets to all the nooks and crannies easily. Also, my money saving friend Melanie told me that you can use your husband's old missing socks in place of the usual Swiffer pad and then wash and reuse them, which is a fantastic option.

Secondly, I am starting to feel the movements of the little boy in my tummy. I had noticed a few stray taps here and there, but when I really noticed for sure was on last Saturday night. Those of you who are Aggies that read this blog know that we started the football season on Saturday night and sadly lost to Arkanslaw State. Grrrr! Well, the son must have been pretty up in arms about his first football loss because he was going crazy! It was a kick or punch fest for most of the 2nd half of the game (granted the kicks and punches just felt like little pokes) but nevertheless he seemed quite upset. I think we've got an Aggie fan on our hands here! He seems to be most active in the evening times which I hope he will be able to transition out of when he is born. We can't have these punch fests right before it's time for bed, but I don't know maybe all little boys punch and kick before they go to sleep. Maybe they're fighting off the bad guys. It really is fun getting to feel him move around though!