Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's A...


Here's a profile picture:

Here's the "boy" proof right next to the 'It's a boy!':
So now we can officially think trucks, cowboys, and football! Phillip and I are very excited about the news of a son. The ever kind Dad-to-be brought me flowers this morning on such an important day. As for the boy, in honor of his Gender Discovery Day, we bought a lawnmower that he can hopefully put to good use in just a few years. Congrats son!

My dad rejoiced in the fact that for the first time since my birth, he will actually be in the majority! By adding Phillip it only made it an even 2 to 2, but the little man now tips the scale in favor of the men. And on Phillip's side we've got a nice even half dozen grandsons--enough for a basketball team with one substitute and well on the way to a baseball team!


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ballot Box

The votes have been counted and here are the results:

The Family Vote (including children)
52.9% Girl
47.1% Boy

The Family Vote (excluding those under 6 years of age)
61.5% Girl
38.5% Boy
**It seems as though our Indonesia nephews overwhelming voted boy! It was 3:1 as a matter of fact in favor of another boy cousin to play with, but Luke was the lone holdout to vote for girl. Thanks boys for your votes and your name ideas!

52.6% Girl

47.4% Boy

So after all that voting, it seems as though, the scientific analysis would be: a slight advantage for a Bethancourt girly girl! But all in all considered it is pretty much a dead heat I would say.

As far as the best name suggestions so far, I will award one prize for each gender:
Girl: Matilda (submitted by Kyle Bethancourt)
Boy: Pablo (submitted via verbal consultation with Alex Bethancourt in July)

Each of your name submissions have been noted and there are a few that have caught our attention--no mention of which ones yet! You'll have to wait for that announcement at a later date. Phillip and I are joyfully anticipating tomorrow morning's appointment and we would truly be thrilled with either a son or a daughter. The ultrasound will begin at 10:30 am EST and then I will meet with the Dr. after that at 11:00 am, so don't expect to hear from us or read any reports until after 11:30 am EST.

Thanks for your votes and we'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cast Your Votes!

(I sent a similar email out to our family earlier and also wanted to put it up on the blog so others could participate. So, those who received the email no need to vote again)

In less than a week, Phillip and I will know if we are having a boy or a girl. So, in the spirit of fun I thought I would let everyone cast their vote in the comments section of this post and then I'll publish the results of the votes in a subsequent post (complete with percentages, ratios, bar graphs, and probability outcome analyzers--just kidding). Then after the appointment on Tues I will post the final verdict so those of you who are right can revel in your rightness! Those of you who are incorrect can therefore go ahead and send us $5 for playing our game and losing.

All votes must be submitted by Sunday evening EST to be counted for submission. Lastly, you may include in your comment a name that would be appropriate for the gender of your vote. Something that would sound good with Phillip Ross, Cami Lynn, and ???? ???? Bethancourt. Absolutely NO guarantees that we will pick your name. This is merely a brainstorming session. So seriously don't get up in arms if we don't pick yours. I will unabashedly accost you if you get your underwear in a wad.

Happy voting!

**no actual money required from losing participants, but we will always accept a little jingle to add to the baby fund :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Microwave Menace

I've decided that cleaning the microwave might be one of the most irritating jobs on the planet. I decided this after we had two major microwave blow-ups this week: shepherd's pie and brisket. Shepherd's pie was my fault and the brisket was Phillip's so we are equal contributors to the irritation. It really gets under my skin and therefore I think it will perhaps be a good punishment for our children. Scout get ready for some microwave cleaning!

It's like you and the microwave are playing an evil game of chess. You put the food in and make what you think is an intelligent decision about whether it will splatter or not, thus whether you need to cover it or not. You can hear the microwave laughing at you. Now, you set the time and let it do the thing it was invented to do which is cook food quickly and efficiently. This is time for the microwave's best move: the splatter factor. It comes in two forms. Either uncovered food (from your previous seemingly intelligent decision) fools you and splatters anyway or the covered food manages to blow it's cover (either tupperware top or paper towel) for reasons you can't even understand. So, even when you think you are being extra intelligent and covering up the food the darn stuff still finds a way to splatter!

Then you hear the dreaded POP! and you know something in the microwave has just exploded and now you have to do a damage assessment...You are silently hoping and praying that it was a minor splat, which almost never happens, but you are usually met with the doom of a super explosion that includes food flack on all panels top, bottom, sides, and door.

And now the cleanup commences. You pick up the big chunks and then get a wet paper towel or sponge to corral the rest of the pieces. Just when you think you've gotten a pretty good handle on the situation you notice the top of the microwave has pieces on it too which you knock down onto your freshly clean bottom and have to start the process over again. But, the microwave's check mate is the dreaded turntable. This apparatus you must remove if you want a proper cleaning and doggone it if there isn't always hidden food particles under that turntable!!! I don't even know the physics of how the trajectory of the food explosion launches food at the exact angle to even get under the turntable. It is a scientific mystery that has confounded many a woman and this one especially. Yes, I confess I have actually thought about food trajectory in the microwave.

Now you finally get the appliance cleaned to your standards. You shut the door knowing full well that another chess game awaits you in the not so distant future. There is hope that one day you will conquer your arch nemesis, but not too much hope based on past experience. So you just resign yourself to an ongoing battle for freedom for food that is warm and splatter free. May the force be with you...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome back!

So after a long hiatus, I'm welcoming myself back to the blogosphere. I know y'all have all been dying for more updates and I have to give the people what they want. So here's a little TV flashback for you to sing along as you welcome me back:

"Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about..."

Ahh...don't you love Mr. Kotter and the sweathogs? Now maybe I can catch them on a rerun because we actually have cable and reliable internet as of 30 minutes ago! Which is a major contributing factor to me currently writing this blog and the lack of action over the past month.

I would also like to welcome back:
Our baby, who has been affectionately dubbed Scout because they could either be a boy scout or a girl scout. (Hat tip to Mrs. Joann Davis for inventing the name) I'm just trying to decide if we have cookie sales or campouts in our future...it won't be too much longer before the fog is lifted and we will know if we have a little guy or gal.

I also give Scout an amazing amount of praise for the way they've held up over all of this travel. No crying, slept well, and was an overall happy baby. I can only hope the smooth sailing will continue right on through labor and delivery and that the calmness now will not turn into some 36 hr hospital horror story! Please, dear Lord, let it be. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and hardly have anything to show for it in the belly department, which can't be all bad. It's been attributed to my long torso and overall build. Who knows.

Lastly, I'd like to welcome back:
My husband to the world of school and books, although I'm not sure he ever truly left. He read like crazy over the summer and got a good jump on his reading list for the Ph.D. His first day of his research class was today--yes a whole class on research where you read books about how to find things in the library and how to properly note a footnote. Riveting stuff here. I baked him his favorite blueberry muffins for breakfast and even sent some for his friends at school--does this mean I have a room mom role in my future?

Well, that's about it for now. It feels good to be back.