Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Clintons Meet The Bethancourts

Well, yesterday was a day for the history books. You know one of those days that you will tell your grandkids about--one of those days when you look back and think now that was crazy...

Phillip and I decided to go to breakfast with Debbie on her last morning here in KY. And for breakfast in Louisville, there is only really one choice that is fun, festive, and filling. Lynn's Paradise Cafe. It's a Louisville landmark and has been visited by the food network, and other famous people as we were about to find out.

So we drive up and there seems to be quite a bit of hubbub and people buzzing around. Someone asks the hostess what is going on and she says that there is a special guest arriving between 11-11:30. Well, that sounds fun! So our wheels start turning--and we had a major clue because it was KY primary day--and we decide it must be HRC. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Our waitress confirms our suspicions and we get more and more excited.

Our seats were el primo. The first table as you walk in the door--great for first chance views and eavesdropping. We wait around awhile and push our food from one side of the plate to the other, eating as slow as possible, and deciding if they try to kick us out we'll start shouting "Heck no, we won't go!" Phillip and I even got interviewed by a reporter--big time we know.

Then the moment arrives: shafts of light beam down at the door, clouds roll in, and the magical couple enters wearing gumdrop eyes and sunshine smiles--NOT. They just walked in like any other normal people would do and perused the gift shop full of oddities and quirky chachkees. Then they enter the restaurant and Bill heads straight for us. We commented on his brown cowboy boots, he asked about the restaurant and the food, talked about how nice Louisville was, and then we asked for a photo. He willingly obliged and looked rather jovial about it I might add. Side note: he gave a weak handshake to me. Gag! Don't they teach you that in President prep Billster? Then we waited for them to make the rounds and at the end Hill came to visit us. She actually looked nice and we told her an early congrats on her win in KY. She also took a photo with us and then was off for an interview. So here's the footage:

In conclusion, it was fun to meet a former President and former First Lady/Presidential Candidate. Did they sway our vote? HECK NO! But now we have a couple of photos to go along with Kyle and Lori with Mitt Romney. We might just have to start a Bethancourt political photo wall. Debbie, is there room for that at the retirement house? So here's to breakfast at Lynn's, million dollar grins, and McCain for the win!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Alright for the past 2 weeks Phillip and I have been trying to keep our heads above water, our bodies in motion, and food and drink in our tummies...thus, the lack of blogging. Here's a brief rundown of what we've been doing...

Bought a house
Refinished hardwood floors
Painted a room
Cleaned the new house
Moved furniture
Moved a gajillion boxes
Bought furniture (at bargain basement prices)
Emptied boxes
Organized rooms
Used our grill for the first time in 2 and a half years
Cleaned out old apartment (still some work to do there)
Phillip finished finals and subsequently his master's degree--graduation this week
And last but not least discovered a Taco Bueno in Indiana...more on this to come

So we love the new place and there will be more info soon. Gotta run I'm sure there are about 20 things I should be doing right now...