Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Texas BBQ in Louisville

Today Phillip and I ventured to our neighborhood bank branch. While we were there one of the guys who is an exec at the bank struck up a conversation with us because he overheard we were from Texas and he had lived in Houston for 10 years. And we were reminiscing about the Astrodome, Astroworld, Tex-Mex, and BBQ. Then he mentioned that he and some other former Texans have found a BBQ place in town that they really like.

And it's called Jucy's...therefore it sounds awesome.

"Mr. Jucy" or "The Jucy Man" as he is called serves up Texas style BBQ in the East End of Louisville. So, on our new bank friend's recommendation Phillip and I headed there tonight to try it out. The verdict is: the brisket was excellent, the sides needed some work, and we'll come back to try the cobbler. We both ordered brisket sandwiches (Phillip's chopped and mine sliced) and got 2 sides. I really enjoyed my pinto beans, but they had these potatoes that we both tried that were like sub par hashbrowns. There was famous cobbler on the menu, but we were both too stuffed to try it and therefore decided that we would get it on a return trip.

All in all, it is by far and away the best BBQ that we've had in Louisville by a mile. So, I think we'll be going back to Jucy's soon for the good brisket, the Texas license plate decorations, and the allure of stuffed deer heads on the wall. Ahhh...Texas

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Our House in the Middle of Our Street..."

Just a little preview photo of our NEW HOME! Well, it's not officially ours until Wednesday, so you can get more pictures and details then. Don't you just love it already?!?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Poetry for the Soul

Spring Carol
by Robert Louis Stevenson (1918)

When loud by landside streamlets gush,
And clear in the greenwood quires the thrush,
With sun on the meadows
And songs in the shadows
Comes again to me
The gift of the tongues of the lea,
The gift of the tongues of meadows.

Straightway my olden heart returns
And dances with the dancing burns;
It sings with the sparrows;
To the rain and the (grimy) barrows
Sings my heart aloud—
To the silver-bellied cloud,
To the silver rainy arrows.

It bears the song of the skylark down,
And it hears the singing of the town;
And youth on the highways
And lovers in byways
Follows and sees:
And hearkens the song of the leas
And sings the songs of the highways.

So when the earth is alive with gods,
And the lusty ploughman breaks the sod,
And the grass sings in the meadows,
And the flowers smile in the shadows,
Sits my heart at ease,
Hearing the song of the leas,
Singing the songs of the meadows.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sewing 101

My lovely mother was in town a few weeks ago and while she was here we did some sewing. She is an excellent seamstress and I am the mere apprentice. I was able to get pretty well acquainted with my sewing machine and managed to produce a few products from the weekend. And they are as follows:

Two skirts and a microscope cover for my dad's office. All in all considered, I was pretty happy with myself. So thanks for the lessons mom!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Little Did You Know...Part II

Welcome to the Phillip edition of Little Did You Know...I had so much fun thinking up random facts about myself, I decided to do an issue on my husband as well. Enjoy!

  • Phillip participated in State Latin Day in Connecticut--a statewide competition wholly devoted to knowing Latin. He was a Latin Day Champion in the equivalent of Latin Jeopardy, a 2 time Gold medalist and 1 time Silver medalist in the National Latin Exam, and 1 time Gold medalist in the National Mythology Exam. Veni, Vidi, Vici!
  • He has moved 11 times in his life. The exhaustive list is as follows: West Columbia TX, College Station TX, Victoria TX, Wharton TX, Midland TX, New Fairfield CT, Houston TX, New Canaan CT, Houston TX, College Station TX, Louisville, KY
  • Mushrooms are his most hated food, with all vegetables not ranking very high on the list. No vegan husband here.
  • Voted Homecoming King and Mr. MHS in high school. What a stud...
  • He played football, baseball, and a little basketball growing up. Also add the trombone to his repertoire. He even marched in a parade at Disney World!
  • WWF was a regular part of bonding for Bethancourt men: all 3 brothers and dad have even been to wrestling events live!
  • He took Country Western Dance in college and can do all the fancy-schmancy moves and make them look effortless with the help of a good partner--for example me.
  • Phillip doesn't like to reuse glasses, even if they are rinsed out between uses. For example, if he has OJ for breakfast and then wants lemonade for lunch, he won't just rinse out the glass and use it again. Doesn't like the idea of parts of drinks touching each other.
  • Piles are his friends. He can make a pile of almost anything: books, clothes, papers, Kleenexes, food. It's like things just naturally clump together whenever he has used them.
  • He can't stand book jackets and will always remove them whenever he is reading a book with one. And then that starts a pile...
  • Phillip loves to watch Family Feud and AFV (America's Funniest Home Videos). The latter show produces hearty laughter in our home. But, who couldn't laugh at people falling in obscure and ridiculous ways? It's just good, clean entertainment.
  • His voice is incredibly distinctive and is "often imitated, but never duplicated." A friend coined that phrase in college...
Don't you just love these fun facts! What a fun husband!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Brand New Courtside

Well, as you can observe Courtside has undergone a magical transformation literally overnight! The wonder worker herself is none other than Mrs. Marina Simmons of Penny Lane Designs.

Marina and her husband Chris are both graduates of Texas A&M and were there at the same time as Phillip and I were. The Aggie Network extends into the blogosphere...I found out about Marina's blog designing ability earlier this week and she so graciously agreed to makeover Courtside.

So, THANK YOU Marina! Please visit her wonderful website and if you are interested in having her work the same wonders on your blog as she did on mine just leave her a comment or shoot her an email. Then you just might find yourself starring in an extreme "blog" makeover...