Monday, December 10, 2007

Photo Shoot

Here's some pics of us taken for our Sunday School directory by a photographer from our class. Don't we look lovely? He did a great job!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Deal of the Century: An Encounter of the Brooks Brothers Kind

So the other day I was out and about and I decided to make a stop by Margaret's--a consignment store about a mile away from us. All my friends have told me how wonderful this place is and that I just must visit and so I did.

While looking around, I noticed a half-price rack in the men's section that seemed to have an abundance of sports coats on it. I made my way over to the rack because you never know what you will find. I did have extra motivation though because Phillip had asked for a sports coat for Christmas. Flipping through the coats, I came across a diamond in the rough a Brooks Brothers sports coat that was in the same color/pattern Phillip liked. I checked the tag and it seemed to be his size.

Now, as many of you know with consignment stores all sales are final, so I couldn't just pounce on the coat without knowing for sure it was a fit for Phillip. I drove home, grabbed him, and told him about the deal that was only 1 mile away and he happily obliged to go and try it on. We returned and the coat was a fit and he liked it! So, I make my way to the register skipping and singing "Here comes Santa Claus" and to my delight the coat was only going to cost me $25. As I'm getting ready to pay, I notice that if you pay in cash you get an additional 10% off so I'm like awesome! I get out my wallet and come away with a price of $23.85 (tax included).

Needless to say, it was a wonderful find and the feeling of getting a good deal was so exhilarating! The picture above is from Brooks Brothers website of a comparable sports coat. The pattern and colors aren't an exact match, but you get the idea of what it is like. The best part is that this coat's original price was $498.00 and ours is only $23.85--don't you just love that?