Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Because you're mine, I walk the line..."

We had a costume party last weekend and decided to go as Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. I will note that I did have a bit of artistic handiwork in creating the guitar for Phillip's costume. I even tried to imitate Johnny Cash's actual signature on the body of the guitar for an authentic feel! If Hollywood would only have known how well we dressed up, perhaps we could have been in the movie Walk the Line, but I guess we'll just stick to local gigs for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumnal Adventure

Because it is the season of fall, the season of harvest, the time for pickin'...we headed out with our dear friends The Coppengers to Huber Family Farm to get ourselves a pumpkin. We had to drive to Starlight, IN for the farm adventure and it seems like these Hubers own the entire town. We decided this farm is definitely a cash cow because the place was packed with people all clamoring to get their very own pumpkin or other various things that you can't get in the big city. The farm, or should we say empire of rural dominion, also has a market, a restaurant, a corn maze, a pond, a kiddie area, and an apple orchard.

We only left with a pumpkin, but I really wanted to try some pumpkin butter (kind of like apple butter) but the stuff was too expensive for the amount you got. I am a Frugal Fran when if comes to deals so this did not seem worth it. But, we all decided we could make a good go of it guessing pumpkin weights when folks got off the tractor. We managed to guess our 2 within a pound and the guy working the table said the money was alright. Maybe if we got good at that we could upgrade to guessing people's weights at the state fair? I don't know just a thought. Here's some pictures:

Look at those muscles! That must be a 12 lb pumpkin!
(looks like I've got a weird turkey neck going on)

Jed showing off his exhibit Mr. Mold in the Pumpkin Science Fair

I think I'm trying to bend with the legs, not the back...
(you can never be too careful, even with seemingly small pumpkins)

Melanie and I mule kicking the mud off of our shoes

Great Friends
Showing off our picked pumpkins

It is so nice to be doing fall activities in fall-like weather, unlike the Hotober that is happening in Texas. Wish y'all could have been here for our fun...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

When the gunsmoke settles...

Here is a little photo footage from our trip to the GUN RANGE. Yes I did say gun range. Last weekend our friend Joel Allen came to visit us and we had an opening in our schedule for Friday afternoon. So, our good friend John Powell just happens to work at a gun range in town and he graciously invited us out for a little fun on the range. Just for the record I was the only female on the premises and while I didn't hit overall as many shots as the boys, I did manage to get one right in the jugular! (as seen in the first photo)

Friday, October 12, 2007

October Means...

Fall-like weather
Your favorite sweater
Pumpkin patches
Football matches
Texas trips
Chai Latte sips
Holidays comin'
Schools a hummin'
Evening walks
Fireside talks
Falling leaves
Shirts with sleeves
Cozy up
Soup in cup
Hand in hand
A simple rhyme
For my favorite time