Friday, July 06, 2007

A Night on the Waterfront

On the eve of July 4th, Phillip and I along with our friends Jed, Melanie, Dani, and Robbie, headed down to the Louisville waterfront for a free concert. The headliner of the night was Josh Turner-most noted for songs: Long Black Train, Your Man, Would You Go With Me, and Me & God. Josh is also known for his super deep voice guaranteed to make your kidneys vibrate! The concert and the company was great, but the only thing that could have made it better would have been a large dance floor and some broken in cowboy boots.

We capped off the night with a fireworks preview show and a short trip to the skate park (because it was on the way to our car). Now I must say that was my first ever trip to a skate park and probably my last. I have never seen more guys doing dumb things in my life. Every one that passed by to do a trick seemed like they were one slip away from a serious neck injury or a broken bone. I kept cringing at every moment not knowing if I could handle seeing someone's head crack on the cement. Not to mention the guys in skin tight jeans who made you want to scold their parents for ever letting them out of the house in what seemed like female clothing. Needless to say, we resolved then and there that our sons would never be allowed to go to a skate park. Why you may ask? Well, I'm reminded of that old commercial where the guy holds up the egg and says "this is your brain" he then cracks the egg in a hot skillet and says "this is your brain on drugs." I think the same would be true for the yay-hoos who skate in this park if they busted their heads open, except the voice over would say "this is your brain on skates."

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 1 Year Louisville Anniversary!

Today marks our 1 year anniversary in Louisville. Just 1 year ago we moved into our beloved little apartment with the help of our moms (The Super D's (Delores & Debbie), 1 Budget truck, and a lot of our seminary friends. It actually doesn't seem like we've been here this long, but I guess time passes quicker than you think.

It seems like we've learned a lot this year and here are a few things that come to mind...
-Flexibility is a wonderful trait and I think it's been added to us a little more this year
-The laughter of new friends and old friends is cherished
-Family is always 1 plane ride or 1 car ride away
-Dr. Pepper is a good pick me up
-Books mulitiply like rabbits when your husband is in seminary
-Apartments are grounds for weird noises and funny stories
-There are always new adventures
-Good food feeds your body and your soul
-Kentuckians and Texans are made from different molds
-We're more in love on 7/2/07 than we were on 7/2/06

Thanks for taking the journey with us so far...