Sunday, June 03, 2007

Adventures in Babies A!

Today was our first experience working in the church nursery during the service this morning. We went to the mandatory training a few weeks ago to get all our info complete with an endurance test and lie detector analysis (just kidding) but we did learn all we needed to know about the nursery. And this morning we got put to work...

We received our assignment: Babies A, the youngest of the young, the super-poopers, the drool machines. We came in pretty confident about our assignment with us plus 2 other adults we definitely had it handled. In total we had 8 little ones to keep happy for a little over an hour while their parents were in church.

Well, here's our rundown: we had 2 cryer extraordinaires who seemed like nothing you tried could completely cure the problem, 1 drool machine who wetted up his whole outfit, 1 little guy who had a total receding hairline at age 4 months, 1 teeny-weeny boy who just seemed interested to be there, 1 angel girl who was sugar spice and everything nice, 1 toy-thieving girl who wanted anything that anyone else had, and last but not least was my dear friend: The Bomb Dropper.

The Bomb Dropper came in on a stealth mission. He was nice, quiet, and overall probably one of the best kids there. As Phillip was holding him, he told me that he thought he had a wet diaper and asked if I could change him. I said sure, no problem, I've changed lots of diapers in my time. Well, when I got on my latex gloves and opened the hatch there was an atomic bomb in that diaper! I have never in my life seen this much mess come from such a little unassuming fellow--it was by far and away the WORST diaper I have ever changed in my life! I had to coach myself not to lose my breakfast and to stay calm because I knew if I could get through this one I could get through anything. I must say that I was successful on both accounts and safely averted the spread of radiation from the atomic bomb. I am seriously patting my back for that one...

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Babies A!

And speaking of babies, we have a new little nephew: John Thomas Bethancourt born at 3:43 on May 25, weighing 9 lbs 10 oz, and 20.5 inches long. He sure is a cutie and I'm sure he hasn't atomic bombed his sweet new parents yet...congrats Kyle & Lori, you're doing great!