Sunday, January 28, 2007

A face lift

I did a little face lift of the blog today-new colors, new picture, new post. I hope you enjoy it!


Well, I'm one year older and it's a lot stinkin' colder!

Today it is 18 degrees outside with several snow flurries around. My parents just finished visiting us in Louisville and we had lots of fun. We did the tour of Churchill Downs, ate some good food, and played lots of Catch Phrase. This happens to be one of my dad's new favorite games I think, but the fact is that the girls dominated the game! The crowning moment might have been when I was describing the game badminton, but the word was actually backgammon. You know's that backwards checkers game that no one ever plays with the arrows, etc. I know the game it just didn't compute into my description. It was late and my system short circuited I think. No need to comment on my lack of vocabulary skills okay...

In other news, Phillip starts semester numero dos tomorrow. He's taking 18 hours of class and has about 1 zillion new books to read. In fact, we are in the market for a new bookcase to hold all the books that we are steadily acquiring. I did try to be a good wife and order the bookcase that matches our others from IKEA so that it would be here in time for the new book shipment. But, I ran into a bit of a snag when they told me the shipping would be $275. WHAT?! That is 3 1/2 times more expensive than the bookcase itself. It was outrageous absolutely outrageous...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cinco and Mommies

It is official: we are going to have Bethancourt nephew #5. After Justin and Erin successfully secured the Bethancourt name with 4 little boys, Kyle and Lori will be having "Cinco" (as I've dubbed him) sometime in May. If he wanted to be really awesome he would be born on "Cinco de Mayo", but I'll leave that up to him.

So, in the spirit of the good news of a baby boy yesterday I decided to look at the baby section in Target. I was already in there buying some other things so no I did not make a special trip to the store! As I was on my way to the appropriate section, I passed by a cart that a mom was pushing with a perhaps 2-3 year old girl. As I walked by, the girl exclaimed to her mother: "Look she's a mommy too!" while pointing directly at me. I'm not sure what prompted this revelation in her because I had no small children with me or no bump to be had in the stomach region. But apparently in the mind of 1 little girl I am certified mommy material. I just had to laugh...

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Dillards Disaster

As most of you know, Dillards is the department store of choice for the southern part of the country. They usually are reliable, full of good items, and a hot spot on the wedding registry. And my dear friend Julie, being a new bride-to-be, decided to use Dillards for the purchasing of the bridesmaids dresses for her April wedding. Now the story begins...

We have a large Dillards here in Louisville so I figured there was a least a good chance of this special dress being in the store. But, I was armed with my brand, style number, size and color just in case it wasn't so I could have it ordered. I take a charming ride up the escalator to the dresses section and encounter Ms. Non-Customer Service, the only person working in the dresses section.

I take a slight sachet through the appropriate section and cannot find the dress myself, so I recruit Ms. Non-Customer Service for help. She then looks through the dresses out there, despite the fact that I told her the dress wasn't there. She continues to point me to dresses that are the wrong color and style after I repeatedly tell her those are not what the dress looks like. At least 3 times she asks me if the dress is long or short, and I tell her 3 times that I don't know the answer because I've only seen a picture from the waist up. Never once does she look in the computer to verify that they don't have the dress here.

Next, she is questioning me about size. I tell her that I am going to go with the size that one of my friends got who actually tried the dress on because we wore the same size dress in the last wedding we were maids in. She doesn't seem to like that answer and insists I try on a completely different dress to see if it might be like the same size. I just pulled the first one off the rack to appease her, tried it on, and still went with my original plan. Just order me a dang size 4 dress already.

Finally, I come out of the dressing room and it seems like we are actually going to go to the computer to order the dress, which is why I came in in the first place. She says her computer doesn't work so we have to go to another computer. This one doesn't work either and she has to call another lady over: Ms. IT Support. All she does is completely shut the computer off and tells me it will be a while before it boots back up. Holy Guacamole-my blood is really starting to boil now! Then, the creme-de-la-creme is that Ms. Non-Customer Service tells me: "Well, I have to go help somebody else right now." What! You my friend just committed the cardinal sin of customer service! You never ever leave the customer in front of you until their needs are met!

This time I had had it. (Brother Kyle you would have enjoyed seeing me get fired up again...)I took my post-it note with ALL the information necessary to make this dress order back from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and tell them I will take care of it some other way because this is absolutely ridiculous. (I really wanted to say: You incompetent fools! Doesn't anyone train you?) Where's Christina's HR training skills when you need them?

I do some more investigating and retrieve more information from my mom and realize I must go back to the store to place the order. Ordering this particular dress online is not an option. Great. So, I went back today and Ms. Non-Customer Service was working but I successfully avoided her and went to another lady. But, because that would be too easy, this lady had no idea what she was doing and she didn't speak English that well, so guess what? She has to call Ms. Non-Customer Service over to help her fill out the order form. Now here I was eyeball to eyeball with my Dillards nemesis. I found myself having to take deep breaths. She helped Ms. No Comprende fill out the form and I am slightly hopeful that I'll get my dress in 3-21 days. What an absolute buzzkill. A Dillards Disaster.

A Message from the Kentucky Bethancourt Report

We interrupt this non-blogging series of monotony with a new blog post with hopes of more to come: Enjoy.