Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkey Day

Well, we've got one holiday done in Kentucky. The actual Thanksgiving Day celebration took place for us at the Moore family home (the professor Phillip in interning with). They graciously invited us over to share lunch with their family since we had no other plans. We enjoyed a traditional lunch and then Phillip and the 5 year old Moore boys "wrestled" for an hour or so. I felt just like we were spending Thanksgiving with our own biological nephews! It is official in the Bethancourt holidays, I think, that where there are kids (and kids at heart) there will be wrestling! We certainly did miss all of our family and wished we could have been together, but we'll see you soon.

In other Thanksgiving news, the AGGIES won! After a small drought in the winning department, we managed to knock off or arch nemesis the teasips. I do have to give myself some credit for forecasting the win. We were about to go to sleep on Thursday night, and I looked over at Phillip and said "we're due for a win tomorrow. I'm feeling a victory." And that's exactly what we did to em Aggies! I also cooked my first 6 lb turkey breast ever and it was a success. I think I might even graduate to a bigger bird at some point in my life...

The last update here is that Phillip is finished with 11 hours out of his 17 total for the semester. Only a couple of papers and a final to go to complete those last 6 hours! He is very excited about finishing and we're looking forward to more holiday fun to come.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simply James Taylor

Merry Christmas to me (about a month early)!!

The long time musical legend James Taylor came to Louisville this past Sunday night. As my wonderful husband knows, it has been on my "life's to do list" (at a mere 22 years of age) to see JT in concert for a long time, and the dream came true. Here's what the local paper said about the performance:

"Taylor’s music has always inspired a sense of intimacy between him and his fans, a relationship based on a perception of shared experience, and Sunday it felt as if he had invited us over for a night in the Taylor family living room."

This journalist is exactly correct in his sentiments about the evening. I couldn't have asked for a better setting: just JT and his guitar and a guy accompaning him on piano. Fabulous.

For those who don't know or love JT like I do, he might be classified as music to soothe the soul. Easy, acoustic, thoughtful lyrics. You just can never have too much. I must admit that I have to thank my dad for introducing him to me early in life and instilling in me great musical appreciation for not only JT, but Merle Haggard, George Strait, Hank Williams and a whole littany of others. So, if you ever get the chance to see James Taylor live, do it, you won't be sorry you did.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey Baby, I'm Your Handyman

Well, about a week ago now our dryer stopped working. Of course it was right in the middle of me trying to complete our laundry for the week so I was a little frustrated. We try all that we know how to do here: unplug it then plug it back in, flip the breakers, let it have a 'rest' but all of these proved unsuccessful. So, now we needed a handyman.

Upon mutual consultation, we decide on one company from the phonebook. I made the phonecall and an associate would come to our apartment the next morning. He did show up right on time-we must have been first on the list-with a little direction help from me. He kept claiming that our street didn't exist over the phone, but I kept assuring him that it did because we lived on it. When he finally knocks on the door, I open it to find a 30 something caucasian male with untied tennis shoes, jeans that don't fit, a zip up sweatshirt that was FUBU (a brand made for African Americans), and a bad case of bed head. I show him to the dryer and after about 10 minutes he tells me the diagnosis: a blown thermal fuse. He tells me it would be $150 total to fix the thing, which is outrageous for a busted fuse, much less we could be halfway to a new dryer for that. I politely decline but watch where the part came from and how he got to it. He writes me an invoice stating our problem as: "need thirmal fuze est $150 declin" With the rampant spelling errors, I was more than amused. We also had our apartment maintenance men come check the dryer vent to make sure it wasn't clogged and I think one of them wanted to stay for dinner that night-he was a character.

Then, Phillip and I do some research on the internet about how you would go about getting and replacing such a thermal fuse. We then call around to some places and finally find a guy in Indiana (right across the river) that has one in stock. When we go to visit him, he tells us that the company we had come look at the dryer is not only the worst in town for giving people the run around they also operate under many different names--So that they just switch out the little magnet plate on the side of the truck and they are a new company now. We asked for future reference who we should call and he just told us to call him and he would get us straight. Thank you Mr. Handy Man Hardware. We got our fuse for $11.31 after tax and we were on our way.

At home, Phillip was the hero and I was the assistant. With a few tools and a flashlight, he replaced the busted fuse with our new one. We got it all plugged back in for the moment of truth and...it worked! I am happy to report that I have successfully done 5 loads of laundry with no trouble with the dryer. Phillip gets a star for being so handy and we feel personal satisfaction for sticking it to the repair company!