Sunday, September 24, 2006

News Updates Live from Louisville

News Flash: In a recent 36 hour time span, the Louisville Metro Area received 6-8 inches total rainfall (depending on which part of the metro you're in). I think that's more than the total yearly rainfall of Abilene! Needless to say, it was sheer pandemonium this weekend due to the weather. Highways were shut down due to flooding and several people we know had their basements fill with water. Because of the flooding of a basement, we were unable to go to our usual spot to listen to the Aggie game last night-bummer. Even bigger bummer that it was delayed 2 hours in College Station for rain. The weather was just out to get us yesterday! We have managed to keep ourselves relatively dry and there was no flooding even remotely close to our little homestead.

In other news, we will be having our weekly meeting of SNJ (Sunday Night Julie) tonight. My dear friend Julie comes to eat dinner and spend the night with us in our guest room every Sunday night due to her 8 o'clock class that she shares with Phillip the next morning. She's not much on the super early mornings. We look forward to SNJ every week and we also really like calling it SNJ (it sounds important). Also, we joined 9th and O Baptist Church this morning and participated in our first Sunday School pot luck lunch. We have made some great new friends here and luckily lots of them are in our Sunday School class.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Future Mrs. Bryan Henderson

Well, we headed to DC this weekend to celebrate the engagement of The Future Mrs. Bryan Henderson (aka my former roommate Carrie.) She will make the most beautiful bride as you can see already! We enjoyed meeting Mr. Bryan himself and I must say he seems like a great guy and someone we will be friends with for years to come. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

We also stayed with our friends Brandi and Evan Loomis in their new hip DC apartment, which looks amazing. The District certainly has some great people in it--and a lot of dang monuments! Practically every blade of grass in the city is some historic site. We perused The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, the National Gallery, and The Bill of Rights. It was tons of fun!

Most notable weird person spotted this weekend: The guy we deemed "Mr. Braid Tie." Their was a guy whose beard was so long that it grazed his belt and to top it off--he braided it and cinched it with a hair tie. It was unbelievable.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are you going to San Francisco?

Well, we just got back from a fabulous whirlwind trip to California, but it was entirely worth it. For the first time in a long time, the 10 adults in the Bethancourt family plus 4 kiddos got together even if it was for a short time. Glad we got a picture! I just love all of my siblings-even though they're not biological they were worth the wait for sure! Those 2nd parents are quite special as well! We enjoyed wonderful California weather, catching up, and the famous In-and-Out burger. Here's a recent pic of the nephews: from left to right, Jack, Alex, Isaac, and Luke. They will soon be moving to Indonesia and we will certainly miss them and their great mom and dad.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Bank Debaucle

So, I had an interesting experience at the bank recently. I got my first full paycheck since I've become the resident sugarmama and decided to go on my lunch break to deposit it. I got directions to the nearest bank per one of my co-workers and I was off to add my small contribution to the economy. There were 2 things I needed to do at the bank-make a deposit and get some cash-and I had already deduced that I would just go to the ATM to do both to save time. Well, I pulled up to the bank and lo and behold they had no ATM and they only had 1 drive up window. Feeling rather frustated about the lack of an ATM, I was resigned to the drive thru. The woman at the window greeted me and I asked her for a deposit slip. As I began to fill out the slip, I remembered the cash I needed to get so I fill in the cash back line on the slip. As I'm doing this, the teller tells me to wait a moment while she switches shifts with the next girl going on duty-this takes an extra 3 minutes. I send my deposit slip in thinking I'll be on the road momentarily. Wrong. First, I had written "for deposit only" on my check which means that I can't take money out on the same transaction. Alright, that's fine. She ships me back a withdrawl slip that I fill out and send back to her. Next, she asks me 20 questions about me trying to determine if I'm who I say I am. Grrrr-Yes I am the real Cami Bethancourt.Then, as she is about to process the check she realizes it's dated for the next day which means I can't complete my transaction today. Gees Louise! So, I end up with some cash, a postdated check, and a lot less time for lunch. Now, I have to race back to work frustrated about having to make another trip to the bank later on. You know I can't stand inefficiency and this trip was the epitome of it. If they would have only had an ATM...