Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ode to the Flea Market

On Saturday we were looking for some adventure. I had been seeing these advertisements for this huge flea market that was coming to town, supposedly one of the top ten in the US. We had nothing more appealing to do and I had never been to a flea market before so we decided to head to the fair grounds (aka Flea Market headquarters). I don't believe I could properly describe all of our findings there in mere paragraph form, so I have composed a poem called:

"Ode to the Flea Market"

Oh, what to see
And where to go
In the maze of booths
High and low

There's people of
All kinds and shapes
Most brought their dogs
As their dates

Yes those dogs
Large and teeny
They rode in strollers
And wore bikinis

In all those booths
We came to find
Most everything
Most every kind

Of purses, plates
And romance books
Groceries, jewelry
And assorted hooks

Oh, trashy clothes
Hunting knives
Medical remedies
To save our lives

So many things
To tempt our hearts
We simply couldn't
Find a place to start

Alas, we came
Away without
A tiger blanket
Or Nascar mount

It was a trip
We will remember
I can only hope
There's one in September!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Comments and Pictures

This is a short announcement that I, at the request of our friend Aurelie, have changed the settings so that anyone who wants to comment on the blog now can. You no longer have to be a registered user to comment on the blog, so bring on the comments!

Secondly, please scroll down a few posts and view pics of our apartment that I put up yesterday. I had to fight many battles with the computer, email, and digital camera, but I came away successful. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Working 9-5, What a Way to Make a Livin"

I have joined the ranks of the gainfully employed!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Our good friends Kevin and Becky Peek are to thank for the job hook-up, mainly Becky for saying lots of nice things about me! Gotta love that Aggie Network.

I will be starting work soon at a medical/therapy type practice. It's a company with 5 doctors, 2 Physical Therapists, an Occupational Therapist, and a Massage Therapist that specializes in soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains, back pain, sport/work/auto injuries). To sum up our clients, they would be all the people who don't do the things that our family safety expert John Bethancourt tells us to do, i.e. "use the handrails, wear proper shoes, lift with your legs, and make sure your desk is ergonomic"! Oh if he could only have gotten to our clients sooner...

My job will be at the front desk with another girl basically coordinating schedules, getting things for the docs, answering the phone and questions, just the all-around go-to gal. Personally, I'm hoping to get some free "treatment" from the massage therapist! I'll start work after we get back from our trip to New Mexico about the same time Phillip starts class. All in all, I think it will be a good place to work and the staff members seemed to be happy that I was coming on board. Thanks for all of the encouragement and the prayers--they worked.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthdays! Birthdays!

Happy birthday to my beloved sister-in-law Lori! There's only 5 minutes left of it, but I still hope she had a good one.

Other notables:
Happy belated birthday to old man Justin (aka jjbeezer--what?) who has now reached The 30. Oooh writing that number just makes me think old!

Also another shout-out to Chad, my brother-in-law, whose birthday came just before the blog started.

Love y'all!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Check out the Apartment

Here's some pics of our lovely new home...

And then here's a quick pic of us in the new apartamento! We really enjoy our new place and it's starting to feel like a real home. Reservations can always be made at The Bluegrass B&B and we hope that anyone who wants to come visit us will.

Friday, July 21, 2006

2 Restaurant Adventures

Tuesday night we ventured North of the border for some Mexican. I know so ironic. Julie's roommate Beth had been raving about these quesadillas at Don Pablo's and she had a craving for some. So, we loaded up the car and headed across the river to Indiana--Julie, Beth, Chuck (Beth's boyfriend), Phillip and I. We got there and they were having a dinner special that included appetizers and dessert for a very good price so we decided to go for it. We discovered that they have pretty good Queso Blanco and average everything else. Don Pablo's will do when you're desperate was my conclusion.

Last night we ventured out to a local restaurant called Kaelin's that claims to be the place where the cheeseburger was in invented in 1934. The deal with Kaelin's is that if you are under age 60 you are a minority in the restaurant. This place was bustlin' with Golden Oldies! Phillip ordered the world famous cheeseburger and I ordered the same minus the cheese. If you don't know, I have a very strong aversion to American cheese. I feel it tastes like the plastic that it's enclosed in and it all around makes me want to vomit at the smell--that's why I went cheeseless. The burger is served with fries and slaw, but Phillip upgraded to the hashbrowns as his side. After much anticipation, the burgers arrived. They were so small--I think a McDonalds quarter pounder is bigger! And to top it off the meat tasted like a frozen patty! This certainly was not what we were expecting and we were highly disappointed at best. They definitely charged a novelty price for something that wasn't even an enjoyable novelty. It was edible just not palatable.

Needless to say, I am a little discouraged about the eating prospects up here. I am very anxious to find some "go-to" places when you're just wanting something good and you know you can find it there. O wherfore art thou sisters of Koppe Bridge, Whataburger, Wings-n-More, Jason's Deli, Jin's Chinese, and Taco Bueno? Wherefore art thou?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sunday at Churchill Downs

This past Sunday marked the end of the racing season at Churchill Downs. Being the good new Kentucky residents that we are, we decided we couldn't let the racing season slip by without our presence.

If you have never been to Churchill Downs, it is quite a site to behold. The place is massive and is relatively close to the University of Louisville. However, it is not in the best part of town. It's kind of like they plucked a piece of Kentucky history in all its glory and placed it in the sleeziest area of Louisville. If you are looking for auto repair, pawn shops, or dancing gals just head toward the 2 spires at Churchill and hang a right. You would almost expect The Downs to be the only thing except for miles and miles of rolling hills of bluegrass, but that is hardly the case.

We found a parking spot pretty close, but I'm sure they're a lot harder to find on Derby Day. We got our program and proceeded to some seats. You almost need a super secret decoder ring to unlock the mystery of the lingo in the program! There are all of these numbers and symbols to help you make your bet accordingly. We didn't bet any actual money; we would just call out our pick amongst ourselves. The girls were better at picking horses than Phillip and Julie picked the winner twice!

At the track, there was constant movement and commotion. There was a rush of people to go bet, then there would be a rush of the same people to try and get a good seat after they placed their bet, but everyone could be found with a Marlboro in their mouth or a pack in their hand waiting for the next chance to smoke. These race goers are some serious smokers! Before each race the trumpeter would emerge from a little hut in the center of the track in his red coat and white pants. He would then play a couple of ditties then head back into the air conditioning. I was thinking to myself that he's got a pretty good gig going. I might have to bring back my old coronet and go audition. With a little practice, I could be playing My Old Kentucky Home on Derby Day!

It was really hot, so we didn't stay for the entire day. We managed to leave before our little buns started sizzling on the metal seats. But, I'm sure we'll be back to Churchill Downs at least sometime for the Kentucky Derby complete with hat and all!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Weekend With Carrie That Was Tighter Than Ft. Knox!

My old roommate Carrie came in town for the weekend. Also, some of you may or may not know that my other old roommate Julie is living in Louisville as well. We just had ourselves a good old fashion reunion-sadly minus our 4th roomie Christina .

We ventured to some new restaurants and some other great places in the area. In fact, on Saturday we decided to visit Elizabethtown, KY. They made a movie about the place back in the fall and we thought it would be worth a visit. We assumed there was probably a cute town square with quaint little shops. WRONG! There is nothing, I mean nothing to see in Elizabethtown. If you are ever visiting us in KY, and you express interest in going, we'll tell you NO WAY. It's just that boring.

Here's where things get interesting. On our way out of town, we saw a sign for Ft. Knox. The famed Ft. Knox with all of the gold bars and everything. It was only about 15 miles away and we were in the mood for adventure so we decided to go. We pulled up to the Visitors Center and we were greeted by a 70 year old security guy. He tells us "there's nothing to see here" but kind of in a mysterious tone. He continues, "the museum's closed and you can't see the base or the gold depository. you might as well just leave." Sidenote: Carrie thought he said suppository and we couldn't help but laugh at her expense!

We then ask if we can just take a picture by the sign that says "Welcome to Ft. Knox" to capture our time there. First, he says, "don't let them see you taking any pictures of the depository or they'll hunt you down on the highway." He then admonishes us that we can't get the security gate in the picture and we have to stay on the sidewalk at all times. The sign is only 40 ft away from the Visitors Center! We got our picture and got out of there fast. On the way out, Carrie managed to snag a few depository photos on the move and we didn't get gunned down. She's such a rebel!

So the rumors are true: Ft. Knox security is tight. No pictures with bars of gold for us. It was a great weekend and Phillip got a full dose of estrogen!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chinese, Greek, and Absolute Absurdity

Last night we helped some new friends (the Stuarts) move out of their apartment. We just met them a few days ago and now they're headed back to Alabama. Quick turnaround on friends up here!

Anyway it was just the two of them loading up and Phillip figured they could use some help. By help I mean he basically engineered the whole loading process for them since he's a recent Spatial Engineer and Loading Designer. Nonetheless they were very grateful for his decisiveness since neither one of them could make any decisions. Phillip has no problem being decisive--Mr. Powerful Choleric on the personality test!

Afterwards, they invited us to dinner with them as a thank you. We went to a restaurant just around the bend called August Moon. It deems itself a Chinese Bistro. (I think that's code for we have cool art, the waitstaff dresses in black, they use all lowercase letters on their menu, and no punctuation appears anywhere.) The food was good and I could see us going back there again and by that I mean when we start generating some income. All in all, fun night.

Newsbrief: I'm married to a genius! Phillip finished his Greek review today and made a 100 on the final. Who is this guy?

I'll end on a note I like to call Absolute Absurdity. So we head to the Rec this afternoon with elliptical fever. We are excited about doing some cardio without jarring our knee joints on the pavement. When we arrive at the rec, we ask how we get in to the weight room. The ladies respond with "you have to complete the orientation." We laugh out loud and then quickly stop because we realize they're serious.

You really can't get to the weight room/exercise equipment without going through the orientation. Here's the best part: you have to schedule an orientation! It's not just a 5 minute tour of the facilty, oh no, it takes about an hour. During this hour you get the code to the weight room that you are not ever to share with anyone else. If they ask you about it, you should reply "looks like you need to go to orientation." In my head I'm screaming "Is this really happening? I just want to do the elliptical machine!" Well, we were baffled and certainly amused and we were forced to run on the track instead.

Orientation is on Monday...I'll let you know what dwells in the Inner Sanctum

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dr. Pepper-The Taste of Texas

We had our first true taste of Texas 2 days ago. Our neighbors downstairs--the Laurens--are 2 single girls from Tennessee both named Lauren. Phillip has Greek class with one of them and we call her Greek Lauren. The other we just call non-Greek Lauren for now.

Well, Greek Lauren happens to date a t-sip. Sheesh! Of all the people in the world to date and she picks an arch rival. We haven't met him yet, but when we do there will be plenty of trash talk. Greek Lauren also loves Dr. Pepper. In fact, her car can be found next to ours with 2 empty cans in the front cupholders, a twelve pack in the back seat, and 2 more twelve packs in the trunk. This girl is crusin' for some kidney stones!

So Greek Lauren knows that we too are Dr. Pepper lovers and she surprised us 2 days ago with two icy cold highly coveted Dr. Peppers. But, these were not just any Dr. Peppers. They were Dublin Dr. Peppers in the glass bottle. To those non-DP fans, Dublin DP's are the pinnacle of all that is Dr. Pepper. We were elated!

We tried to play the humble card, but she insisted that we take her gift. When we gave in to the pressure, she told us that her t-sip boy toy had brought them all the way back from Texas. We asked if he would be mad that 2 of these little bottles of joy we missing from the stash and she replied "what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

YES! We stuck it to the t-sip by infiltrating his stash of Dublin DP's! What could be better than enjoying one of the greatest beverages ever made? Answer: Knowing that you hijacked it from a t-sip!

And that's exactly what we're gonna do to 'em Aggies!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome! Plus 5 Interesting Louisville Facts

Hello and welcome to the NEW blog! I will try my best to keep you up to date with all of our adventures (as if you were Courtside--did you catch the clever word play?) To give you a taste of what a blog post will usually consist of here's a preview...

5 Interesting things we've learned so far...

1) The Colonel (as in KFC) is truly king here. The fried chicken is abundant and it's enough to make your arteries scream every time you pass by a KFC.

2) The correct pronunciation is Lou-a-vull

3) Indiana is right across the river and according to the Creepy Lady at Lowe's you can get "blue movies" delivered to your door there. Blue apparently equals adult and they are only home deliverable north of the Mason Dixon Line. She informed us as we were making some new home purchases of this insane fact--as if we were even interested! Yikes! We hit the road as fast as we could.

4) Louisville is the City of Parks--there are tons of them!

5) Our best find so far is the Ghetto Kroger. Everyone refers to it as the Ghetto Kroger. It doesn't seem so bad to me, but there are a few interesting characters no doubt. They have some good deals on Dr. Pepper and good Manager's Specials on meat.

We're off this afternoon to a basketball game at the Rec Center. Burn calories burn!