Friday, December 22, 2006

I Like Texas, Ain't it fine here?

Well, after a long pause from the blog due to travel and absolute craziness, we have arrived in Texas and I must admit it is as great as we left it. We've enjoyed friends, family, and lots of food since we arrived. I would like to now list my top 5 reasons why I'm glad to be back in Texas...

1) Access roads by the highways. It is so pleasant to easily exit the main highway and then casually cruise the access road to find just what you're looking for.

2) Food: Mexican, steaks, bar-b-q (the REAL kind, which is beef not pork!), more Mexican, chicken fried steak, all of it has been amazing!

3) The people: I think they are just a little friendlier in this great state

4) Fantastic sunsets, wide open skies filled with stars, and mesquite trees

5) And finally, there's just something about being home for the holidays that makes your heart warm and your spirits raise...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkey Day

Well, we've got one holiday done in Kentucky. The actual Thanksgiving Day celebration took place for us at the Moore family home (the professor Phillip in interning with). They graciously invited us over to share lunch with their family since we had no other plans. We enjoyed a traditional lunch and then Phillip and the 5 year old Moore boys "wrestled" for an hour or so. I felt just like we were spending Thanksgiving with our own biological nephews! It is official in the Bethancourt holidays, I think, that where there are kids (and kids at heart) there will be wrestling! We certainly did miss all of our family and wished we could have been together, but we'll see you soon.

In other Thanksgiving news, the AGGIES won! After a small drought in the winning department, we managed to knock off or arch nemesis the teasips. I do have to give myself some credit for forecasting the win. We were about to go to sleep on Thursday night, and I looked over at Phillip and said "we're due for a win tomorrow. I'm feeling a victory." And that's exactly what we did to em Aggies! I also cooked my first 6 lb turkey breast ever and it was a success. I think I might even graduate to a bigger bird at some point in my life...

The last update here is that Phillip is finished with 11 hours out of his 17 total for the semester. Only a couple of papers and a final to go to complete those last 6 hours! He is very excited about finishing and we're looking forward to more holiday fun to come.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simply James Taylor

Merry Christmas to me (about a month early)!!

The long time musical legend James Taylor came to Louisville this past Sunday night. As my wonderful husband knows, it has been on my "life's to do list" (at a mere 22 years of age) to see JT in concert for a long time, and the dream came true. Here's what the local paper said about the performance:

"Taylor’s music has always inspired a sense of intimacy between him and his fans, a relationship based on a perception of shared experience, and Sunday it felt as if he had invited us over for a night in the Taylor family living room."

This journalist is exactly correct in his sentiments about the evening. I couldn't have asked for a better setting: just JT and his guitar and a guy accompaning him on piano. Fabulous.

For those who don't know or love JT like I do, he might be classified as music to soothe the soul. Easy, acoustic, thoughtful lyrics. You just can never have too much. I must admit that I have to thank my dad for introducing him to me early in life and instilling in me great musical appreciation for not only JT, but Merle Haggard, George Strait, Hank Williams and a whole littany of others. So, if you ever get the chance to see James Taylor live, do it, you won't be sorry you did.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey Baby, I'm Your Handyman

Well, about a week ago now our dryer stopped working. Of course it was right in the middle of me trying to complete our laundry for the week so I was a little frustrated. We try all that we know how to do here: unplug it then plug it back in, flip the breakers, let it have a 'rest' but all of these proved unsuccessful. So, now we needed a handyman.

Upon mutual consultation, we decide on one company from the phonebook. I made the phonecall and an associate would come to our apartment the next morning. He did show up right on time-we must have been first on the list-with a little direction help from me. He kept claiming that our street didn't exist over the phone, but I kept assuring him that it did because we lived on it. When he finally knocks on the door, I open it to find a 30 something caucasian male with untied tennis shoes, jeans that don't fit, a zip up sweatshirt that was FUBU (a brand made for African Americans), and a bad case of bed head. I show him to the dryer and after about 10 minutes he tells me the diagnosis: a blown thermal fuse. He tells me it would be $150 total to fix the thing, which is outrageous for a busted fuse, much less we could be halfway to a new dryer for that. I politely decline but watch where the part came from and how he got to it. He writes me an invoice stating our problem as: "need thirmal fuze est $150 declin" With the rampant spelling errors, I was more than amused. We also had our apartment maintenance men come check the dryer vent to make sure it wasn't clogged and I think one of them wanted to stay for dinner that night-he was a character.

Then, Phillip and I do some research on the internet about how you would go about getting and replacing such a thermal fuse. We then call around to some places and finally find a guy in Indiana (right across the river) that has one in stock. When we go to visit him, he tells us that the company we had come look at the dryer is not only the worst in town for giving people the run around they also operate under many different names--So that they just switch out the little magnet plate on the side of the truck and they are a new company now. We asked for future reference who we should call and he just told us to call him and he would get us straight. Thank you Mr. Handy Man Hardware. We got our fuse for $11.31 after tax and we were on our way.

At home, Phillip was the hero and I was the assistant. With a few tools and a flashlight, he replaced the busted fuse with our new one. We got it all plugged back in for the moment of truth worked! I am happy to report that I have successfully done 5 loads of laundry with no trouble with the dryer. Phillip gets a star for being so handy and we feel personal satisfaction for sticking it to the repair company!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


On Saturday, we took a trip up through Indiana and around the Ohio river to check out the fall leaves. Mostly we saw lots of yellows and oranges interspersed with a few bright reds. It had rained pretty heavily the night before so the storm knocked off some leaves for sure, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless.

On the way back, we stopped at a little farmer's market and picked ourselves up a pumpkin fresh from the patch. It is now adorning our stoop and looking ever so smart there I must say.

With the fall season, comes many things including: papers for Phillip, cooler weather, soup, college football excitement, and lots of chai tea. Mmmm so tasty! One fall notable that is not so enjoyable are the KY/IN political ads that continually fight for prime commercial time. Although, we have enjoyed one candidate in particular because his logo includes his name with an exclamation point at the end and thanks to our friends at The Duck and Goose house we now yell his name every time we see one of his signs. It's quality in route entertainment.

I'll leave you with a halloween joke: What's silent and smells like dust? Mummy Farts! (Thanks mom!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Bad Case of CSWB

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep I've experienced in a long time due to our neighbors--The Invisible Texans. These are not the neighbors that are directly to the left of us in our little quadrant of four, but they are the ones on the right side of us whose wall backs directly up to our master/guest bedroom. I call them The Invisible Texans because we see their cars downstairs with Texas plates and HBU stickers, but we NEVER see them. I believe there has been one spotting since we've been here which is almost 4 months. I mean it's normal to not run into people for awhile around here, but eventually you at least must spot them because let's face it the campus isn't that big. Not these characters-they are invisible.

But, I'll tell you what's not invisible is the existence of their dogs. The area where they must keep them the majority of the time shares a wall with my closet in our master bedroom. We have determined this due to their howling fits that sometimes arise for no apparent reason. But, last night they took it to a whole new level...

I awoke in the middle of the night to a serious bout of howling which was disturbing, but not unbearable. I was not too worried that I would be able to go back to sleep-then another noise began. It was unidentifiable at first but with my keen ears I pegged it as CSWB (Carpet scratching & wall biting). Oh boy was it loud! It sounded like they were trying to bite through our wall or dig a hole to China. The CSWB was going on and off for upwards of an hour and I was getting increasingly more ticked off. I'm thinking, "if I can hear this surely they can!" but no it was not affecting them or Phillip at all.

Finally, in my half awake state I devise what seems like a good plan. I'll go over to the wall and yell at them "Stop scratching and biting the crap out of our wall!" (See these things sound like a good idea in the middle of the night.) As I get up, Phillip wakes up and asks me what I'm doing, I tell him the debaucle as I start crying due to lack of sleep. I get back in bed and then he experiences the CSWB for the first time. He decides that he'll go to the guest room to investigate what it sounds like in there. So, the CSWB starts and he goes into the guest room-then it stops of course. He comes back in and gets back in bed. The CSWB starts again he gets up to go to the guest room-it stops the second time. We give up on that strategy.

Now we're both lying in bed awake listening to the CSWB. Phillip decides maybe it is some aggressive tail wagging. I quickly discount this theory because it is not consistent with the noise that is sounding. Phillip's next theory: it could be mice in the wall. I again say, if this is mice they must be the size of those Nutrea river rats you see on the Discovery channel because the noise was just too loud. In the midst of our discussion, we finally settle back down and get off to sleep amidst the CSWB.

So, if we ever meet the Invisible Texans the first thing I'll say is: "Have you ever heard of CSWB?" They'll say no. Then I'll say, "Well you know that stands for Carpet Scratching Wall Biting and your dogs seem to know a lot about it. So if you ever hear anything that sounds like it, do all you can to enjoy that noise. It's like music to the ears."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Basket Trolley

I found a wonderful invention this weekend at my favorite grocery store--Dirty Kroger. Some might call it The Basket Trolley, but I just call it beating the system. I have read up on my shopping cart history and apparently the Basket Trolley was invented in the 1930's by a Piggly Wiggly owner in Oklahoma-yes chalk one brilliant invention up to the Okies. Anyway, I had noticed some other shoppers in the past using the Basket Trolley, but every time I would come in the front door there were none to be had. But this Saturday my luck changed and when I entered the door there was a Basket Trolley waiting for me. You cannot believe the turning radius on this thing! You can duck and dive right through all the aisles with unimaginable efficiency with the Basket Trolley. No more awkward navigating when you meet another cart in the aisle when you have the trusty B.T. at your fingertips. You know the scenario: you come in going southbound on the cereal aisle and then you notice rounding the northen bend comes Frazzled Frances and her 4 Misbehaved Munchkins. All you want is the healthy Honey Nut Cheerios, but in order to get to them you have to successfully maneuver around the approaching group. Now, the Munchkins all want four different kinds of cereal and Frances is just trying to keep them all under control. You hear lots of shouts of "Fruity Pebbles are monster food!" or "Only Grandma eats Grape Nuts because it keeps her BM's regular!" You finally meet in the middle and have to wait to get everyone situated so you can get to your Honey Nut Cheerios. Everyone knows that those grocery carts just don't pass with enough ease, especially with the Munchkins in spread formation. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that the Basket Trolley will be my shopping instrument of choice when it's available due to its success in maneuverability and efficiency. Because, let's face it, why go cart when you can have the trolley?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Texas Our Texas! All Hail the Mighty State

This past weekend we truly enjoyed a trip to Texas. We hadn't been there in 3 months and I must admit we were going through withdrawls. Before we had even crossed the state line, we had our eating agenda coordinated to include our must have meals prior to going back to Kentucky: the state of mediocre food. We ate Mexican, and then Mexican again, followed by Wings'n'More, Whataburger, Koppe Bridge, and Rudy's. It was all a symphony to the tastebuds.

We also got to take in some Aggie football at Kyle Field, even though we were outscored it was still a good trip. During the pre-game, I actually got a little misty eyed watching the "Welcome to Aggieland" Video and singing The Spirit. Ah, only I could be the one to get sentimental in the humid sweltering heat of College Station. We definitely don't miss that weather! Family and friends were abundant and we got to catch up with those that we love.

On a sidenote, we did drive all the way to Texas both coming and going in one day. If you're ever in the mood to do that, I would advise you to take a long look at your car and imagine yourself in it for 16 hours, then slap yourself in the face for even considering that idea. It's a long drive folks, but somebody's got to do it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

News Updates Live from Louisville

News Flash: In a recent 36 hour time span, the Louisville Metro Area received 6-8 inches total rainfall (depending on which part of the metro you're in). I think that's more than the total yearly rainfall of Abilene! Needless to say, it was sheer pandemonium this weekend due to the weather. Highways were shut down due to flooding and several people we know had their basements fill with water. Because of the flooding of a basement, we were unable to go to our usual spot to listen to the Aggie game last night-bummer. Even bigger bummer that it was delayed 2 hours in College Station for rain. The weather was just out to get us yesterday! We have managed to keep ourselves relatively dry and there was no flooding even remotely close to our little homestead.

In other news, we will be having our weekly meeting of SNJ (Sunday Night Julie) tonight. My dear friend Julie comes to eat dinner and spend the night with us in our guest room every Sunday night due to her 8 o'clock class that she shares with Phillip the next morning. She's not much on the super early mornings. We look forward to SNJ every week and we also really like calling it SNJ (it sounds important). Also, we joined 9th and O Baptist Church this morning and participated in our first Sunday School pot luck lunch. We have made some great new friends here and luckily lots of them are in our Sunday School class.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Future Mrs. Bryan Henderson

Well, we headed to DC this weekend to celebrate the engagement of The Future Mrs. Bryan Henderson (aka my former roommate Carrie.) She will make the most beautiful bride as you can see already! We enjoyed meeting Mr. Bryan himself and I must say he seems like a great guy and someone we will be friends with for years to come. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

We also stayed with our friends Brandi and Evan Loomis in their new hip DC apartment, which looks amazing. The District certainly has some great people in it--and a lot of dang monuments! Practically every blade of grass in the city is some historic site. We perused The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, the National Gallery, and The Bill of Rights. It was tons of fun!

Most notable weird person spotted this weekend: The guy we deemed "Mr. Braid Tie." Their was a guy whose beard was so long that it grazed his belt and to top it off--he braided it and cinched it with a hair tie. It was unbelievable.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are you going to San Francisco?

Well, we just got back from a fabulous whirlwind trip to California, but it was entirely worth it. For the first time in a long time, the 10 adults in the Bethancourt family plus 4 kiddos got together even if it was for a short time. Glad we got a picture! I just love all of my siblings-even though they're not biological they were worth the wait for sure! Those 2nd parents are quite special as well! We enjoyed wonderful California weather, catching up, and the famous In-and-Out burger. Here's a recent pic of the nephews: from left to right, Jack, Alex, Isaac, and Luke. They will soon be moving to Indonesia and we will certainly miss them and their great mom and dad.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Bank Debaucle

So, I had an interesting experience at the bank recently. I got my first full paycheck since I've become the resident sugarmama and decided to go on my lunch break to deposit it. I got directions to the nearest bank per one of my co-workers and I was off to add my small contribution to the economy. There were 2 things I needed to do at the bank-make a deposit and get some cash-and I had already deduced that I would just go to the ATM to do both to save time. Well, I pulled up to the bank and lo and behold they had no ATM and they only had 1 drive up window. Feeling rather frustated about the lack of an ATM, I was resigned to the drive thru. The woman at the window greeted me and I asked her for a deposit slip. As I began to fill out the slip, I remembered the cash I needed to get so I fill in the cash back line on the slip. As I'm doing this, the teller tells me to wait a moment while she switches shifts with the next girl going on duty-this takes an extra 3 minutes. I send my deposit slip in thinking I'll be on the road momentarily. Wrong. First, I had written "for deposit only" on my check which means that I can't take money out on the same transaction. Alright, that's fine. She ships me back a withdrawl slip that I fill out and send back to her. Next, she asks me 20 questions about me trying to determine if I'm who I say I am. Grrrr-Yes I am the real Cami Bethancourt.Then, as she is about to process the check she realizes it's dated for the next day which means I can't complete my transaction today. Gees Louise! So, I end up with some cash, a postdated check, and a lot less time for lunch. Now, I have to race back to work frustrated about having to make another trip to the bank later on. You know I can't stand inefficiency and this trip was the epitome of it. If they would have only had an ATM...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Walker Best: A small momento

For those who don't already know, a friend of ours from A&M passed away tragically in a train accident early Saturday morning. I know we hear names of people all the time with unfortunate situations, but here's a face to go with the name Walker Best whether you've ever met him or not. Walker is wearing a green shirt and is on the floor in the front and center and I just thought it would be appropriate to post a picture of some of our Fish Aide group during this time. He will certainly be missed by us and many others, but thank God that our eternal salvation is in Him and that Walker is with Our God at this very moment...

I think Stephen Speaks said it well:
"We will sing, we will rise
We will laugh away the night
And the good times will never end, when we meet again."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Night with Dwight

If you are not mesmerized by the protruding mullet and leather pants then surely the fancy footwork will get you. Last night we had our first encounter with The Kentucky State Fair. We came to the fair for the food, the people, and free Dwight Yoakum.

First of all, I'm a sucker for the fair favorite--the funnel cake. If I attend any fair type event or any place where you can find carneys, you can bet a funnel cake will be in store. Last night was no exception because I consumed my annual artery clogging funnel cake with sheer delight. Also, there was a notable sign in the food area that proclaimed "Pork Butts on a Stick"--now I've never seen that in action and I don't know how they do it but I'm sure it's a PETA favorite.

Second, you just can't beat the sights and sounds of the conglomeration of humanity that come from every crack, crevice, and trailer park from miles around. I believe the crowd was at their finest when they almost overtook a security guard for not letting them cross in front of some show horses. Apparently the Kentucky State Fair is home to some world championship horse show and the horse people let you know about it. They take up an entire section between the indoor and outdoor arenas and it is hard for people to cross in the midst of their riding. The crowd began heckling the horses, riders, and security guards and finely after waiting 10 minutes with no movement in sight some guy at the back yelled "let's get er done" and the whole crowd rushed forward. I felt just like a soldier in a battle for territory and almost shouted "Remember the Alamo!", but then quickly remembered I'm not in Texas anymore...

Lastly, we capped off the evening with a free concert featuring Dwight Yoakum. If y'all were previously unaware, Phillip is a closet Dwight fan and so we had to attend to get our Yoakum fix. I must say, we had a good time amidst the many Marlboro clouds floating past us and the light up Hawaiian leis illuminating the night. We love a good concert and a great experience and the Kentucky State Fair certainly did not disappoint.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hot Church

This past Sunday we arrived to church to find that a storm had knocked out the AC on the first floor of the building. I wasn't really concerned because generally churches are chilly on Sunday mornings as opposed to warm. The men who would normally wear suits had shucked them for just the nice tie, dress shirt, and slacks. Everyone was very apologetic especially to the visitors for the uncomfortable nature of the place, but it really wasn't that bad. The best part was that the church sign that happened to be up for the past 2 weeks (pre and post storm) was dramatically fitting. It read "This church is prayer-conditioned." Oh yes, the church sign theology strikes again to the delight and amusement of all involved!

Gratefully, our Sunday school teacher Dr. Moore pointed out that most Christians in the world past and present have not had churches with AC at all or nice buildings to meet in. That does serve as a reminder to be ultimately thankful for all of the things God provides even when they do go on the fritz.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good picture...

2 of the greatest things in awhile...

1) Last night, I discovered one of the funniest things I've seen done by a seminary professor. Kudos and a grateful bow to Dr. Randy Stinson of SBTS for creating the Question Evaluation Chart. It's a little helpful thing that we all wished we had in any class we've ever been in at any time, be it elementary or graduate. I've tried for quite some time to post it on here for you to read, but to no avail. Perhaps Phillip will put it up on his blog soon--keep checking. The basic point of the chart is to discern questions from comments and if you should be asking/commenting in class or not. The best part includes the fat stop sign in the middle of the page that says STOP! Don't Speak! It is a flow chart type model that I like to think of as sheer brilliance on an 8 1/2 x 11 page. So, all of you Mr. Know it Alls and you Miss 5 Minute Question Askers, you will no longer take up others time in class for no reason thanks to the Question Evaluation Chart. This thing is long overdue...

Check out The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood website where Dr. Stinson is the Executive Director

2) We just went to lunch at a Chinese place next to the Ghetto Kroger (scary I know) called the Great Wall. All of their lunch specials are only $3.95 and you get your item, plus rice, plus a drink or an eggroll! And, you can even make two light meals out of the portion they give you. Basically, it's awesome and for a poor seminary couple the price is right. I'm sure we will make many more trips to the Great Wall to indulge our tastebuds with bliss and our pocketbooks with love!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Churchill Downs Museum

On Sunday, we took our friend Chris to visit the Churchill Downs Museum and if any of y'all ever come visit we'll probably take you too. The museum was very well done and quite enjoyable. They had pictures, videos, and all kinds of memorabilia. Dad, you'd be especially glad to know they even had a veterinarian exhibit!

After we'd been touring the museum for awhile, we went on a tour of the track which was great. Now, we're certifiable Churchill experts. We had a pretty interesting tour guide who had platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick--it seemed her biggest concern regarding racing was when and how to get some bourbon. At the end of the tour, they had a horse on exhibit who happened to be the grandson-horse of Seattle Slew a Triple Crown winner in the 70's. He also had a stall companion named Winston who is a miniture horse who probably gets in a lot of pictures just for being close to the race horse. All in all, fun times at the track.

FYI On another note, I don't have internet at my new job so that's why the posts have been a little less frequent, but I'm getting back into the groove.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's been too long

I have been off the blogging map for far too long. I took some time off while we went to New Mexico. Our time there was good and we enjoyed seeing old friends.

Speaking of friends, we have our first out of town guest in this's our Fish Aide Lil Bro Chris Rogers. I will give you some updates from our time this weekend soon. There is lots to share!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turn lane, parked cars, and potholes oh my!

Well, I officially almost screamed in the car yesterday due to the realization that the Texas highway system dominates Kentucky road maintenance. I will tip my hat to TxDOT and never complain about Texas roads or engineering anymore (well, probably...) Here's some things I've noticed about KY roads:

1) They do not like to incorporate left turn lanes on the roads here. This significantly impedes traffic flow and significantly impedes my driving enjoyment.

2) Very few driveways exist in Louisville, thus parked cars reside in the far right lane. They take up the entire right lane and pop up out of no where.

3) Potholes always show up right when you least expect them and have no chance of avoiding them.

Therefore, a typical driving scenario might look like this:

I'm on my way to the Ghetto Kroger and am traveling in the inside (left lane) to avoid those pesky parked cars. I'm crusing along at the usual 37 mph when I come to a red light. At the green signal I'm ready to proceed, when lo and behold Mr. Tan Ford Taurus wants to turn left in front of me and because there's no turn lane I can't go. I sigh, wait for cars to pass, then make the switch to the right lane. I make it through the intersection only to find a parked car now in my path--grrrrr! Now, I must slow back down and proceed again to the left lane. As I'm making the transition, surprise! ba-dum-ba-dum POTHOLE! My body gets jolted as does the trailblazer and now I'm a little frustrated. I take a deep breath and re-focus just in time to pull into the parking at last.

Final Analysis: Kentucky could use some A&M engineers to alleviate these issues and by that I mean...give me a soapbox, a street grid, and some asphalt and I'll solve all the road problems. Hallelujah. Amen.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ode to the Flea Market

On Saturday we were looking for some adventure. I had been seeing these advertisements for this huge flea market that was coming to town, supposedly one of the top ten in the US. We had nothing more appealing to do and I had never been to a flea market before so we decided to head to the fair grounds (aka Flea Market headquarters). I don't believe I could properly describe all of our findings there in mere paragraph form, so I have composed a poem called:

"Ode to the Flea Market"

Oh, what to see
And where to go
In the maze of booths
High and low

There's people of
All kinds and shapes
Most brought their dogs
As their dates

Yes those dogs
Large and teeny
They rode in strollers
And wore bikinis

In all those booths
We came to find
Most everything
Most every kind

Of purses, plates
And romance books
Groceries, jewelry
And assorted hooks

Oh, trashy clothes
Hunting knives
Medical remedies
To save our lives

So many things
To tempt our hearts
We simply couldn't
Find a place to start

Alas, we came
Away without
A tiger blanket
Or Nascar mount

It was a trip
We will remember
I can only hope
There's one in September!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Comments and Pictures

This is a short announcement that I, at the request of our friend Aurelie, have changed the settings so that anyone who wants to comment on the blog now can. You no longer have to be a registered user to comment on the blog, so bring on the comments!

Secondly, please scroll down a few posts and view pics of our apartment that I put up yesterday. I had to fight many battles with the computer, email, and digital camera, but I came away successful. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Working 9-5, What a Way to Make a Livin"

I have joined the ranks of the gainfully employed!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Our good friends Kevin and Becky Peek are to thank for the job hook-up, mainly Becky for saying lots of nice things about me! Gotta love that Aggie Network.

I will be starting work soon at a medical/therapy type practice. It's a company with 5 doctors, 2 Physical Therapists, an Occupational Therapist, and a Massage Therapist that specializes in soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains, back pain, sport/work/auto injuries). To sum up our clients, they would be all the people who don't do the things that our family safety expert John Bethancourt tells us to do, i.e. "use the handrails, wear proper shoes, lift with your legs, and make sure your desk is ergonomic"! Oh if he could only have gotten to our clients sooner...

My job will be at the front desk with another girl basically coordinating schedules, getting things for the docs, answering the phone and questions, just the all-around go-to gal. Personally, I'm hoping to get some free "treatment" from the massage therapist! I'll start work after we get back from our trip to New Mexico about the same time Phillip starts class. All in all, I think it will be a good place to work and the staff members seemed to be happy that I was coming on board. Thanks for all of the encouragement and the prayers--they worked.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthdays! Birthdays!

Happy birthday to my beloved sister-in-law Lori! There's only 5 minutes left of it, but I still hope she had a good one.

Other notables:
Happy belated birthday to old man Justin (aka jjbeezer--what?) who has now reached The 30. Oooh writing that number just makes me think old!

Also another shout-out to Chad, my brother-in-law, whose birthday came just before the blog started.

Love y'all!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Check out the Apartment

Here's some pics of our lovely new home...

And then here's a quick pic of us in the new apartamento! We really enjoy our new place and it's starting to feel like a real home. Reservations can always be made at The Bluegrass B&B and we hope that anyone who wants to come visit us will.

Friday, July 21, 2006

2 Restaurant Adventures

Tuesday night we ventured North of the border for some Mexican. I know so ironic. Julie's roommate Beth had been raving about these quesadillas at Don Pablo's and she had a craving for some. So, we loaded up the car and headed across the river to Indiana--Julie, Beth, Chuck (Beth's boyfriend), Phillip and I. We got there and they were having a dinner special that included appetizers and dessert for a very good price so we decided to go for it. We discovered that they have pretty good Queso Blanco and average everything else. Don Pablo's will do when you're desperate was my conclusion.

Last night we ventured out to a local restaurant called Kaelin's that claims to be the place where the cheeseburger was in invented in 1934. The deal with Kaelin's is that if you are under age 60 you are a minority in the restaurant. This place was bustlin' with Golden Oldies! Phillip ordered the world famous cheeseburger and I ordered the same minus the cheese. If you don't know, I have a very strong aversion to American cheese. I feel it tastes like the plastic that it's enclosed in and it all around makes me want to vomit at the smell--that's why I went cheeseless. The burger is served with fries and slaw, but Phillip upgraded to the hashbrowns as his side. After much anticipation, the burgers arrived. They were so small--I think a McDonalds quarter pounder is bigger! And to top it off the meat tasted like a frozen patty! This certainly was not what we were expecting and we were highly disappointed at best. They definitely charged a novelty price for something that wasn't even an enjoyable novelty. It was edible just not palatable.

Needless to say, I am a little discouraged about the eating prospects up here. I am very anxious to find some "go-to" places when you're just wanting something good and you know you can find it there. O wherfore art thou sisters of Koppe Bridge, Whataburger, Wings-n-More, Jason's Deli, Jin's Chinese, and Taco Bueno? Wherefore art thou?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sunday at Churchill Downs

This past Sunday marked the end of the racing season at Churchill Downs. Being the good new Kentucky residents that we are, we decided we couldn't let the racing season slip by without our presence.

If you have never been to Churchill Downs, it is quite a site to behold. The place is massive and is relatively close to the University of Louisville. However, it is not in the best part of town. It's kind of like they plucked a piece of Kentucky history in all its glory and placed it in the sleeziest area of Louisville. If you are looking for auto repair, pawn shops, or dancing gals just head toward the 2 spires at Churchill and hang a right. You would almost expect The Downs to be the only thing except for miles and miles of rolling hills of bluegrass, but that is hardly the case.

We found a parking spot pretty close, but I'm sure they're a lot harder to find on Derby Day. We got our program and proceeded to some seats. You almost need a super secret decoder ring to unlock the mystery of the lingo in the program! There are all of these numbers and symbols to help you make your bet accordingly. We didn't bet any actual money; we would just call out our pick amongst ourselves. The girls were better at picking horses than Phillip and Julie picked the winner twice!

At the track, there was constant movement and commotion. There was a rush of people to go bet, then there would be a rush of the same people to try and get a good seat after they placed their bet, but everyone could be found with a Marlboro in their mouth or a pack in their hand waiting for the next chance to smoke. These race goers are some serious smokers! Before each race the trumpeter would emerge from a little hut in the center of the track in his red coat and white pants. He would then play a couple of ditties then head back into the air conditioning. I was thinking to myself that he's got a pretty good gig going. I might have to bring back my old coronet and go audition. With a little practice, I could be playing My Old Kentucky Home on Derby Day!

It was really hot, so we didn't stay for the entire day. We managed to leave before our little buns started sizzling on the metal seats. But, I'm sure we'll be back to Churchill Downs at least sometime for the Kentucky Derby complete with hat and all!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Weekend With Carrie That Was Tighter Than Ft. Knox!

My old roommate Carrie came in town for the weekend. Also, some of you may or may not know that my other old roommate Julie is living in Louisville as well. We just had ourselves a good old fashion reunion-sadly minus our 4th roomie Christina .

We ventured to some new restaurants and some other great places in the area. In fact, on Saturday we decided to visit Elizabethtown, KY. They made a movie about the place back in the fall and we thought it would be worth a visit. We assumed there was probably a cute town square with quaint little shops. WRONG! There is nothing, I mean nothing to see in Elizabethtown. If you are ever visiting us in KY, and you express interest in going, we'll tell you NO WAY. It's just that boring.

Here's where things get interesting. On our way out of town, we saw a sign for Ft. Knox. The famed Ft. Knox with all of the gold bars and everything. It was only about 15 miles away and we were in the mood for adventure so we decided to go. We pulled up to the Visitors Center and we were greeted by a 70 year old security guy. He tells us "there's nothing to see here" but kind of in a mysterious tone. He continues, "the museum's closed and you can't see the base or the gold depository. you might as well just leave." Sidenote: Carrie thought he said suppository and we couldn't help but laugh at her expense!

We then ask if we can just take a picture by the sign that says "Welcome to Ft. Knox" to capture our time there. First, he says, "don't let them see you taking any pictures of the depository or they'll hunt you down on the highway." He then admonishes us that we can't get the security gate in the picture and we have to stay on the sidewalk at all times. The sign is only 40 ft away from the Visitors Center! We got our picture and got out of there fast. On the way out, Carrie managed to snag a few depository photos on the move and we didn't get gunned down. She's such a rebel!

So the rumors are true: Ft. Knox security is tight. No pictures with bars of gold for us. It was a great weekend and Phillip got a full dose of estrogen!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chinese, Greek, and Absolute Absurdity

Last night we helped some new friends (the Stuarts) move out of their apartment. We just met them a few days ago and now they're headed back to Alabama. Quick turnaround on friends up here!

Anyway it was just the two of them loading up and Phillip figured they could use some help. By help I mean he basically engineered the whole loading process for them since he's a recent Spatial Engineer and Loading Designer. Nonetheless they were very grateful for his decisiveness since neither one of them could make any decisions. Phillip has no problem being decisive--Mr. Powerful Choleric on the personality test!

Afterwards, they invited us to dinner with them as a thank you. We went to a restaurant just around the bend called August Moon. It deems itself a Chinese Bistro. (I think that's code for we have cool art, the waitstaff dresses in black, they use all lowercase letters on their menu, and no punctuation appears anywhere.) The food was good and I could see us going back there again and by that I mean when we start generating some income. All in all, fun night.

Newsbrief: I'm married to a genius! Phillip finished his Greek review today and made a 100 on the final. Who is this guy?

I'll end on a note I like to call Absolute Absurdity. So we head to the Rec this afternoon with elliptical fever. We are excited about doing some cardio without jarring our knee joints on the pavement. When we arrive at the rec, we ask how we get in to the weight room. The ladies respond with "you have to complete the orientation." We laugh out loud and then quickly stop because we realize they're serious.

You really can't get to the weight room/exercise equipment without going through the orientation. Here's the best part: you have to schedule an orientation! It's not just a 5 minute tour of the facilty, oh no, it takes about an hour. During this hour you get the code to the weight room that you are not ever to share with anyone else. If they ask you about it, you should reply "looks like you need to go to orientation." In my head I'm screaming "Is this really happening? I just want to do the elliptical machine!" Well, we were baffled and certainly amused and we were forced to run on the track instead.

Orientation is on Monday...I'll let you know what dwells in the Inner Sanctum

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dr. Pepper-The Taste of Texas

We had our first true taste of Texas 2 days ago. Our neighbors downstairs--the Laurens--are 2 single girls from Tennessee both named Lauren. Phillip has Greek class with one of them and we call her Greek Lauren. The other we just call non-Greek Lauren for now.

Well, Greek Lauren happens to date a t-sip. Sheesh! Of all the people in the world to date and she picks an arch rival. We haven't met him yet, but when we do there will be plenty of trash talk. Greek Lauren also loves Dr. Pepper. In fact, her car can be found next to ours with 2 empty cans in the front cupholders, a twelve pack in the back seat, and 2 more twelve packs in the trunk. This girl is crusin' for some kidney stones!

So Greek Lauren knows that we too are Dr. Pepper lovers and she surprised us 2 days ago with two icy cold highly coveted Dr. Peppers. But, these were not just any Dr. Peppers. They were Dublin Dr. Peppers in the glass bottle. To those non-DP fans, Dublin DP's are the pinnacle of all that is Dr. Pepper. We were elated!

We tried to play the humble card, but she insisted that we take her gift. When we gave in to the pressure, she told us that her t-sip boy toy had brought them all the way back from Texas. We asked if he would be mad that 2 of these little bottles of joy we missing from the stash and she replied "what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

YES! We stuck it to the t-sip by infiltrating his stash of Dublin DP's! What could be better than enjoying one of the greatest beverages ever made? Answer: Knowing that you hijacked it from a t-sip!

And that's exactly what we're gonna do to 'em Aggies!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome! Plus 5 Interesting Louisville Facts

Hello and welcome to the NEW blog! I will try my best to keep you up to date with all of our adventures (as if you were Courtside--did you catch the clever word play?) To give you a taste of what a blog post will usually consist of here's a preview...

5 Interesting things we've learned so far...

1) The Colonel (as in KFC) is truly king here. The fried chicken is abundant and it's enough to make your arteries scream every time you pass by a KFC.

2) The correct pronunciation is Lou-a-vull

3) Indiana is right across the river and according to the Creepy Lady at Lowe's you can get "blue movies" delivered to your door there. Blue apparently equals adult and they are only home deliverable north of the Mason Dixon Line. She informed us as we were making some new home purchases of this insane fact--as if we were even interested! Yikes! We hit the road as fast as we could.

4) Louisville is the City of Parks--there are tons of them!

5) Our best find so far is the Ghetto Kroger. Everyone refers to it as the Ghetto Kroger. It doesn't seem so bad to me, but there are a few interesting characters no doubt. They have some good deals on Dr. Pepper and good Manager's Specials on meat.

We're off this afternoon to a basketball game at the Rec Center. Burn calories burn!